Chapter 10

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Stephen's POV

The moment I stepped out of the cafeteria, I snatched my arm from Walter and started running. I just wanted to get away from this place and be on my own. I could hear Walter calling out my name and running behind me, but I couldn't care less. I finally stopped when I reached the football field to catch my breath. My legs instantly gave out and I fell down on the grass and started crying my eyes out.

"Bunny, what happened? Cummon, tell me. I can’t see you like this." Walter came and hugged me tightly. I kept on crying like a child who had been robbed of his most precious thing. Well technically I was.

"I....l-lost h-him Wally. I-I-I just l-lost him." I said in between my sobs. He held me more tightly and rocked back and forth.

"No, you haven't bunny. You still have a chance. He is just going on a date. He hasn't agreed to be in a relationship with that guy. You can still win his heart." He said with a very soft voice.

I cried for I don't know how long with Walter holding me and rubbing my back. Even when my sobs died down, I kept myself close to him.

"You know, I enjoyed every moment I spent with him in the last two days. I enjoyed holding him in my arms, enjoyed hearing his laugh, hearing his voice, seeing him smile, seeing him frustrated when he couldn’t win against me in a game, enjoyed seeing him act all childish and get excited for his favourite ice-cream. I just enjoyed his presence beside me. And I did not want to let it go. So, yesterday night, I had made up my mind to confess my feelings for him. To tell him that I had fallen in love with him." My voice cracked at the last bit.

"And you can still do that bud. Don't lose hope so easily. Use your charm to win him. I know you can do it. You say that you love him, then show it to him. Show it in a way that he remembers for a life time." He held me by my shoulders and put me at an arm's length to look at me properly. His eyes were full of determination. Determination to help me get my love.

"I love you Wally."

"Not that I don't love you any less bud but you should keep it reserved for your soon to be boyfriend." He said and winked. I laughed at that. I could always trust him, to say things which would make me forget my worries.

"So, do you have something in mind?"

I looked down and thought for a while. I wanted my proposal to be out of this world, like Walter had said, something that Finley would never forget.

Suddenly, a fantastic idea popped into my head which made me grin like a Cheshire cat.

"Okay, whatever it is, I am in." Walter said and stood up, extending his hand to give me some leverage to get up.

"I know babe. And it's going to blow away his mind."

Now that I had thought of a brilliant plan, there was no stopping me. Taking my Finley on a date huh?

I am gonna show the world who he belongs to.


I don't know why the chapters are becoming short but I do not want to give away everything in one shot.

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