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"The Rented Husband"

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Chapter 1

Olivia gawked at the excessively decorated wedding invitation that sat perfectly isolated centered on her desk. It was as if it was mocking her; taunting her with its fanciful, silver writing embellished on the front.

That separated invitation served as a reminder of the one thing she didn’t have, the one thing she wasn’t sure she even desired to have and the one thing that her younger sister was apparently now getting; a husband.

Olivia Murray, twenty-nine years of age and second youngest of the four Murray children, is the only one left, yet to be hitched. Her family members made it their personal sanction in life to point out that obvious fact.

Olivia’s mother, so sweet in her maternal nature, had worked diligently to set her up on countless blind dates that turned out to be one astronomical disaster after the other. Erica Murray always looked so exceedingly hopeful whenever she told her daughter about the newest beau that she prearranged her daughter to go out with. But Olivia just couldn't find it within herself to disappoint her mother by telling her ‘no’.

Then there was her father, the Ex-Navy Seal who was consistently inviting one of his poker buddies over with their presumed available sons. She was skeptical regarding the timing of her father’s poker setup time so conveniently planned around the same time she usually stopped by her parent’s home for a Sunday afternoon luncheon visit.
Olivia tried on several different occasions to talk to her father about these visits but he refused to hear any of it. Ted Murray was a stern man, still extremely fit for his sixty two years of age and effortlessly able to wave off any of her protests with one steely look.

And if that wasn’t enough, her older brother, Cane Murray, had recently jumped on the ‘find-a-husband-for-Olivia’ band wagon. Last week he recommended one of his old college buddies to her for what he had told her was some great ‘legal advice on a peeping Tom.’

Greg, the college buddy in question, wanted some legal advice alright; legal advice on how fast he could get into Olivia’s pants. He didn’t even have the dignity to be more unassertive in the matter either. The man actually had enough pomposity to walk in her office and flash what she was sure he’d considered to be a brilliant smile.
Olivia thought otherwise.

“Why don’t we just cut to the chase, babe?” When he casually referred to her as babe, she should have taken that as her first clue. “Let’s go back to my room and do a little math where we can add a bed, subtract our clothes, divide your legs and then multiple!”

Olivia didn’t hesitate. It took her nothing but five seconds to show him the door and then instantaneously called her brother, warning him to never send another one of his old college buddies to her for legal advice again.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Olivia slumped in her chair and sulked. She couldn’t understand why it was so important to her family that she have a husband. Yes, this was the prime time of her life but she was happy with the way things were currently going. Olivia worked hard to get to where she was at today and she did it all without the aid of any man. She didn’t need a man then and she most certainly didn’t need a man now.

Over the last few years, she made quite a name for herself as one of the most sought after defense attorneys within a tri-state area. She had plenty of money reserved to do as she pleased. She owned her own Town house, in what was considered a good middle class neighborhood, and she found gratification in showing off her success.

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