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"i swear to god, you piece of shit. im gonna kill you if you don't stop screaming, song yun hee," ji hoon scolded. when he heard no response from me, he turned around again to see what happened. i was frozen with my my eyes locked on my phone. "okay, tell me what happened," he mumbled, rolling over to his bed on the spinny chair.

"ji hoon. you know how i just tweeted at suga?"


"hE JUST RESPONDED WITH 'sure, why not?'. ji hoon, im gonna fucking cry. what even is this? it was a joke, but i mean if he does want to date me, then what should i do?" i panicked. i rolled off of the bed on accident and fell onto the carpeted floor with a thump. way to go, me.

"just pm him and ask him. they're following you, right? if he doesn't respond, then i can text him for you," ji hoon said, his composition now completely forgotten because of my dilemma.

i jumped up off the ground and back on top of the soft, blue comforter on the bed. twitter was still open, so i opened my pms and sent one to bts saying, "that's not funny, suga, you almost gave me a heart attack. don't mess around like that."

i didn't even wait for a response and turned off my phone. "ji hoon, can we go out to get some food? i might be traumatized and the only way to cure me is some mcdonald's," i groaned dramatically and slid off of the bed, this time intentionally.

my pumpkin headed friend chuckled at my dismay, but agreed. thank the lord for friends who'll buy you junk food. they're the ones to keep around.

of course because i was friends with an idol, it was hard to get out sometimes. ji hoon was pretty good with disguises, so it was easier with him than the other seventeen boys.

pretty soon he was done, so i opened up my snapchat. "smile, ji hoonie!" i chirped with a smile on my face as well. he complied and i took the picture to post on my story. i loved snapchat.

i grabbed my lanyard that held my keys and we were out the door to go to the healthiest restaurant we knew of. not, hah. we knew we probably shouldn't eat something so unhealthy because of ji hoon's idol diet from hell as we called it, but we were both craving the greasy stuff.

"ji hoonie~ i don't want to drive. will you?" i asked, pulling a cute face.


"yes, you're going to drive. do it for poor, traumatized, little old me?"

ji hoon groaned but gave in, holding a hand out for my keys.

right as we walked out of ji hoon's room, i felt my phone buzz in my hand. it was a twitter notification. i opened it and, you guessed it, screamed again.


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