Finally Over

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Disclaimer-I don't own any of this but I wish I did.
*No ones Pov*
Everyone is worried about Percy, Everyday they have to watch something from Percy's past and everytime Artemis starts crying.
They also found out that Annabeth was working for Order when she tried killing Artemis and the baby.
Now all they have to do is get Percy out of there.
Artemis is five months pregnant even though she looks more than that, which means she is about to be due.
Artemis Pov
We were all getting ready to get Percy back when a Portal open revealing the last person I thought.
Out came Percy Jackson covered in scars,but that didn't stop me from running over to him and giving him a hug,which he returned even in pain.
That's when the baby thought it was a wonderful time to come making me pull away from the hug.
"Percy I think my water just broke."I said
Percy started panicking.
"Apollo we need your like right now."Percy said and then all the Gods came over
"What's wrong?"Apollo asked
"Artemis is about to have the baby."Percy said and with that we we're teleported to the infirmary.
Then Apollo pushed everyone but Percy who walked over and held my hand.
"Okay Artemis on the count of three push okay?" Apollo asked
All I did was nod and gripped percy's hand.
"Ready,okay one,two three and push."
(My name is time skip)
Percy Pov
At the end of that we found out we have triplets which was a huge shocker.
Now I'm holding two while Artemis is holding one.
Then I walk out to the waiting room.
"Hey guys meet Michael,Korey Jackson."I said
"You had twins wow that's crazy." said Poseidon
Out came Apollo holding little Angela.
"Actually they had triplets but he wanted to trick y'all."Apollo said
Everyone screamed which woke up the kids and Artemis who came in and took Korey away while I kept Michael and Angela was getting passed around just to let you know the war is over since I kinda sucked up Orders powers and that was the end of him.

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