Omega Can sing

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After that we got ready to leave and go to camp half-hell.
"Hey Percy are you okay with going back to camp." Artemis asked
"I am going to get it done for my father." I said
"Well if it makes you feel better father told me to bring the hunters there."Artemis said
I kissed her and then teleported to the woods where her hunters are.
"I'll meet you there okay and please be careful."I said
"Percy it's only 2miles away, I should be saying be careful to you."Artemis said
"I will be fine and I knew that." I said
Before I left I kissed her and saw a little shift in her aura it was small but still noticeable to me with being blessed by chaos so my team and father can see it I'll ask them what it is when she gets to camp.
Artemis pov(giving you a hint)
After Percy left I felt a little bit sick but shrugged it off and met my hunters.
When I got there I noticed two chaos soldiers there.
"Why are you here for?."I asked
"We came to reveal ourselves to you and the hunt."Star said
"My code name is Star but my real name is Zoe nightshade." Zoe said
I ran up to her and hugged her.
"I miss you so much."I whispered
"I missed you too mi'lady and can we talk about something later." she said and I nodded
"My code name is Diamond but my real name is Bianca Di Angelo."Bianca said
We all hugged her and got ready to leave for camp.
We went in my tent to talk.
"Mi'lady are you okay?"Zoe said
"I'm fine why?"I said
"Well your aura looks a little different."Bianca said
"What's the matter Zoe?"Bianca asked
"CAN'T YOU SEE IT."she said
She then whispered something to Bianca which made her scream as well while I was currently confused.
"Mi'lady what did you and Percy do after the meeting?"Bianca asked and then I blushed but they saw it and laughed.
"What are you guys talking about?"I finally asked
"Mi'lady don't freak out but you are with child,Percy's child." Zoe said
I felt sick again and got up,ran to the bathroom to throw up.
All I could think was I'm going to have a baby with Percy.

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