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Omega pov
When I went back to camp half-hell,I saw a cabin with diamond and it was all black so I guessed it was the Chaos Cabin.
Once I got into the Cabin I noticed that Zoe and Bianca weren't here.
"Hey Luke do you know where Zoe and Bianca are?" I asked Luke
"Yeah they went to reveal themselves to Artemis and the hunters."said Luke
" OMEGA YOU ARE SO DEAD." screamed Zoe
Wait what did I do this time.
Me and Luke ran outside only to see Artemis and the hunters,also Zoe and Bianca.
Ohh they probably found out me and Artemis are Going out.
Zoe came up to me and slapped me so hard hood fell I would be mad but right now Zoe is mad then she pulled me and Artemis into the Cabin leaving behind shocked campers.
"What is the matter Zoe?"
"Wait what I didn't know I just thought her aura was different."I said
'Listen guys can I talk to Artemis alone please'
Just to let you know we went to my room.
"Artemis I'm so sorry this happened to you I will stay with you no matter what."I said
I thought Artemis was going to scream but she did something completely different.
She kissed me and of course I kissed back,then she backed up.
"Percy I'm so happy right now because I always wanted a baby and it's even more perfect because I'm having it with you." She said and then started crying so I hugged her and told her that I'm here for her and the baby.
Then she pulled back and ran to the bathroom to throw up,I sighed and went over to her and rubbed her back.
"Do you need anything?"I asked
"No,I'm fine."Artemis said
"Are you sure?"I asked
"Only if you can make sure my father doesn't know about this not yet."Artemis said getting up and going to sit on the bed.
You could see a little baby bump on her stomach.
I walked up to her and got on my knees so I was in front of her stomach and started talking to our baby.
"Hey I'm going to be your father but you could call me daddy or whatever you want."I said to it
I look up to Artemis to see her crying again.
I kissed her and said
"I will always be here for you and the baby."
Then started chanting so her aura and baby bump wasn't noticeable but it won't stay there for long I'll have to put it on every couple of weeks to keep it like that.
"Come on we should get going dinner will start in a minute." I said
Artemis pov(The new Artemis up there)
Percy is so amazing and I love him.
Because some worthless male would have left me when they found out about the baby saying they didn't want it but he was happy and was willing to take care of the baby and me.
So we got to the dining pavilion,I sat with my hunters and since I can't eat nectar and amborisa because it will hurt the baby.
I just eat pieces of Turkey.
When I hear Percy come in without a cloak and see Annabeth run up to him and kiss him and i know that me and the baby are mad but Percy pulls away from her and looks at me but I stay calm and self consciously put a hand on my stomach which Percy and my brother sees.
Percy pulls Annabeth off him.
"Annabeth what are you doing?" he asked
"Percy I'm so sorry I cheated on you please take me back."
"Sorry Annabeth but I think you should move on." Percy says and walk her back to her table.
Then sits down not before smiling at me making a light blush show.
'Artemis when dinner is done to my palace and bring Percy' said my brother
'Fine'I said back
After dinner I went the whole time without throwing up until I was outside and was waiting for my brother.
Percy was there rubbing my back,good thing we were in the woods while waiting for my brother.
He popped out and asked something that I was afraid of.
"Artemis are you pregnant?"
"What are you talking about Apollo?" I asked him
Then out of no where we're in his palace.
"If your not pregnant then lay on this bed to see."he said
I went and laid on the bed,then he lifted up my shirt and put on some Vaseline.
"Okay so I am going to put this on your stomach and see."Apollo said
He put it on and you could see the baby, Percy came over and hold my hand for the first time I saw him cry and I was crying to.
"So this is the baby."my brother said turning around looking happy to become a uncle but also mad about something.
"Well anything you want to tell me apart that you are PREGNANT."He screamed the last part
"Ummm I'm going to have a baby with Percy."I said
"Really I didn't know."he said
"Oh well now you know so bye."Percy said before teleporting us out and into the woods

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