The Hunters

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Disclaimer- I do not own any of the characters,not that I don't want to.
* nobody's point of view*
After Percy propose to Artemis it's been a little crazy with Zeus Demanding Him not to break Artemis's heart which he would never do.
Also with people apologizing about everything they did and with Annabeth practically begging him to get back with her which always ends up with Percy saying no and her crying.
"Percy,Will you please go out with me."Annabeth asked for the fifth time today.
"Annabeth I said no like five times,I am with Artemis and having a baby with Artemis."Percy said Again
Annabeth ran off crying while Artemis smiled at him with pride.
After that he went to the the Hunter's table with Artemis,did I forget to mention they support Their relationship after Percy turned down Annabeth.
Omega pov
So after that happened I sat with Artemis and started thinking about tonight because the team are going to reveal themselves today,they are lucky I didn't have a choice with Zoe screaming my whole name to the camp.
Anyway Everyone was sitting at their parents table so I made our table disappear causing some of the Gods to scream cough Ares,Apollo,Aphrodite cough.
' Percy come to the Chaos Cabin please' -Chaos in my head
I mind linked the warriors to tell them
'meeting in chaos cabin'
Okay- they said
I got up from the table and kissed Artemis on the cheek.
"I'll be right back there is a meeting in the Chaos Cabin" I said
"Okay."she said
"Love you."I said
"Love you too" she said back
"Awwwwww."All the Aphrodite kids and the goddess herself said
When I got there chaos was sitting on the couch with the others.
"Good Percy is here and congratulations on the baby and proposal."Chaos said
"Thanks, why are you really here?" I asked him
"You have to travel with the hunters."Chaos said

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