Percy's past

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2 weeks later
Percy pov

Everything at camp has been quite which is not good.
Order hasn't been attacking the camp not that I'm not happy about it, it just creeps me out.
I was sitting her with my wife and yes we got married.
Anyway I was sitting here rubbing Artemis's belly which got way bigger, don't tell Artemis I said that.
Suddenly the camp conch was blown three times signaling a attack.
I got up and so did Artemis but I stepped in front of her.
"Artemis can you please stay to keep you and the baby safe."I said
"No percy I'm going out there to fight."she said then walked out
+15 minutes later+
Everyone was fighting for camp but they all stop when heard a loud scream that was Artemis, I turned around to see Artemis being held up by Order.
"Perseus Jackson surrender yourself and your wife and children won't get hurt." Order boomed looking straight at me.
So I went up there and threw Artemis to Apollo who just arrived a minute ago.
"Percy don't go." Artemis yelled.
"It's fine I'll be back don't worry about me."I said
"Did I mention they will be watching everything I do to you such as showing your past before." Order said and the color drained from my face.
With that we disappeared.
Artemis pov
After they disappeared I started crying.
"We must flash to the throne room to talk about this."my father said
With that we all flashed there with the demigods.
Right when we appeared chaos teleported in with red puffy eyes.
Then a screen appeared of a little boy in his room drawing when the door slammed open and a man walrus walked in.
"Gabe."the little boy whispered
Gabe walked up to the boy and started hitting him, the little boy couldn't run because Gabe was blocking the exit that's when Gabe left the boy there then came back in with a bat in his hand and swung at the little boy after he was done the boy was bloody.
I looked around the room everyone was confused except chaos who was crying when Gabe said something that made me burst into tears.
"Say any of this to your mom and I'll kill you, see you tomorrow percy."
I started crying my eyes out and now I know why percy paled he didn't want us to know about that.

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