What have we done?

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Artemis POV (after Percy left)

On Olympus

My father was screaming at everyone to find Perseus, but I don't understand why we need to find him.

"Father what are Jackson's crimes for him to be sentence to death?"asked a curious Athena

My father turned to her and sighed "He has betrayed Olympus by making plans to overthrow the Gods and here by sentence to death.''said an annoyed yet confused Zeus

Wait what?

Before anyone could say anything the building started to shake making us look at Posiden but it wasn't him, Then there was sound of laughter until the voice came.

“Stupid Olympians you drove away your last hope for this war but sadly Jackson is going to be on my side in the matter of minutes."said a dark sinister voice

"What have we done?"said Apollo

"You just fell for my plan to get Jackson on my side thanks to my little spy."said the voice

And in walked Eric from the Aphrodite cabin but what surprised us was he was walking with Annabeth, Athena started crying for she didn't believe what she was seeing her favorite daughter who was supposed be loyal to Olympus and the man I loved per-WAIT WHAT DID I JUST SAY.

I can't love a male even if it was the Most loyalest and caring, handsome man in the world.

"To bad because I just found out that Percy or should say Omega is the prince of the universe."said the voice

Athena gasped making us look at her.

"That's right Athena Perseus Jackson is the son of chaos."said the voice said

Making us all gasped except Eric
Then we blacked out all I could think was What have we done?

Betrayal of all; Percy JacksonWhere stories live. Discover now