Going back

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Picture of baby Percy
**Artemis pov**
'800 chaos years but 80 earth years'
I have missed perseus the way he smiled,the way he-I was brought out of my thoughts of Perseus by my father, Percy would have called him Drama queen and not even care he was calling the king of the Gods that.
"-temis,daughter answer me this instant."said my father
"oh calm down drama queen."I accidentally said out loud .
Great now my father is going to nag me all day about this one little mistake.
Right when he was about to scream at me a portal opened in the middle of the throne room and two people stepped through.
~~Ω/Percy pov~~
I was sitting in the throne room waiting for my father for my mission-my thoughts were interrupted by slasher and smasher's arguing,if you don't know who they are they are the most deadliest monsters in the world when was my first mission after I left earth.
I was currently hunting a monster that seemed to be hunting another monster with Green and sea blue fire,while the other had blood red and a black that it would make Hades jealous,when suddenly they cover making a blackish red in one hand waiting is that yup it is it's water but not normal water it had a palish blue then it changed to green but then stopped and had blue and green together.
In front of me was the ancient monster The Tyklie(made up word couldn't come up with a name) I stepped out of the forest to get a better look but being me I had to fall thus gaining the monsters attention making it attack me but I was already on my feet by then and pulled out my new swords Anaklumosand ρεβος which is Riptide and Shadow.
Started running towards the monster when I stopped because I realized it could destroy me right now but it didn't want to it just wanted to be left alone with out harm ,so I dropped my swords and put my hands up in surrender but it still came but stopped when it was in front of me and instead of attacking it placed a hand on my head and started chanting but in my head, stopped and spoke
"Perseus Achilles Thesus Jackson you are the first to surrender to us and for that we are now one ." The Tyklie said in two voices then glowed and absorb into me and then everything went black.

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