Chip Switch

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Ty:lines and Dani:Bold

We were at school and I was sitting on a bench writing a New song. I was wear a sweater that said love me, love me, say that you love me. With a Jean jacket on top, some light blue skinny jeans and some dirty black and white converse. Perry started talking about something but obviously I wasn't listening. I plugged in my headphones, until they were ripped out. I looked up and Chase had my headphones in his hands. I rolled my eyes and stood up. She was talking about the fire alarm and us having one. "Awww man! I wish I had Bree ' s super speed." Adam said and I instantly knew they were gonna switch their chips. "Well if your going to switch your chips with each others count me out." I said walking back over to the bench. I sat down and decided to practice my song. I walked over to my friend Ty blue and asked him if he could practice with me and nodded. I showed him the lyrics and dance moves and he nodded and understood everything. I played the music and got in position.

Gotta lose control,
Everybody knows
Feel it in your soul it's your own thing (clap clap clap clap)

*doing the dance moves*

Everybody's moving!!
Different way to do it
Throw your hands up, loose it!!
Do your own thing

Rising like a tower,
Independent power
It's Your finest hour

D-d-d-do it-d-do it-do your own thing! (2x)

Come out!!

Gotta stand up for what you believe in,
Gotta stay fresh long as you're breathing

Better get used to it, where you leave is,staring so hard looking like you're reading

I'm glad I gived up something baby!
I'm doing it and I'm doing it daily!
This is my thing and don't call me crazy!
And when I say yes, I ain't ever hazy!

Everybody's moving!!

Different way to do it, throw your hands up,loose it!!

Do your own thing...

Do your own thing

D-d-d-do it-d-do it-do your own thing! ( x2)

D-d-d-do it-d-do it-do your own thing ( x2)

We had a whole crowd and they all cheered for us. I hugged Ty. "Everyone give a big hand to Ty Blue!!" I said and they cheered louder.

*in the lab*

When they got into their capsules and I pushed a button. After they switched their chips, Mr. Davenport came in and leo walked up to him. "Hey Big D? Let's say  bionic kids switched their chips. And I'm not saying them I'm talking about my other bionic friends." Leo said to him and Mr. Davenport nodded getting what he was saying. "Wait you have other bionic friends? How could you not tell us?! We could all car pool." Adam said and I smacked him in the back of his head. "We you guys didn't switch your chips did you?" Mr. Davenport asked us. Adam, Bree, and Chase said no. "Of Course we didn't, because I sang a song with my friend Ty and they watched us sing and dance. Right guys?" I said and they said yeah. I decided to go up stairs so I said bye to them and geo-leaped upstairs. I went to the music room and walked to one of the guitars. I picked it up and started playing.

I threw my
hands up in
the air
Saying ayo
Gotta let go

And I wanna
And live my
Saying ayo
Baby, let's go

I came to dance,
Dance, dance
I hit the floor
'Cause that's my,
Plans, plans
Plans, plans,

I'm wearing all my
Favorite Brands,
Brands, brands,
Give me space for
Both my hands
Hands, hands,
Yeah, yeah

'Cause it
Goes on and
On and on
And it goes
On and on
And on

Threw my hands up in the air some time saying aye-ayo gotta let go

And I wanna
Celebrate and live
My live saying
Aye-ayo baby
Lets go

I'm gonna rock
This club
We go-go all night
We goin' light
It up like
It's dynamite

Cause I told
You once, now
I told you twice
We goin' light it
Up like its dynamite!!!!!

When I finished, I set the guitar down and walked out. I grabbed my bag and went to school.

I was at my locker when the fire alarm went off. "Fire drill, go! Your dreams just became a nightmare, go!" Perry yelled and everyone ran out except for Adam, Bree, Chase, and I. Bree then screamed, "OW! My ears, AAHHH!!" And fell to the ground just like chase and I did on our first day of school. My ears then started hurting and I winced in pain. I walked over to the group and covered my ears. Chase must have noticed that I was in pain because he wrapped his arm around my shoulders trying to calm me down. "Remain calm, I'll use my super speed to take us home." Adam said. He held his arm out for Bree since he knew I could just use my speed, chase was about to grab his other arm but Adam stopped him. "Ooh sorry, you have to be this tall to ride this ride." He told Chase causing my twin to roll his eyes. He walked over to me and grabbed my arm. "Wait where is Leo?" Adam asked causing me to look around. "Bree use your bionic hearing to listen to his voice." Chase told Bree. She shook her head, "I can only hear this stupid bell." Bree said and chase looked at me. "I can't hear anything else either." I told him. He then looked up and had his 'I have an idea face'. "I'll use my heat vision to stop the alarm." He said and I was about to stop him cause I knew he had a bad aim, until he shot his heat vision at the bell and missed, hitting the control of the elevator. They looked at Chase while I just walked over to the bench and sat down. I started getting this headache and it wouldn't go away, then I blacked out. All I heard was Adam, Bree, And Chase screaming my name. I then felt someone pick me up and super speed home.
When I woke up I was in my capsule and everyone was in the lab. Bree was crying into Adam, Chase had tears in his eyes, Leo was in tears, Mr. Davenport was in deep thought with tears rolling down his face, and Tasha was crying into Mr. Davenports shirt. I opened my capsule and yawned, causing everyone's eyes to turn to me. They all attacked me with hugs and I chuckled. "What happened at school today?" Bree asked me while wiping away her tears. I just shrugged saying I don't know and she nodded. And that's how our crazy day ended.

Hey guys!! Sorry it's been so long since I've updated my book, I've been dealing with some stuff. But I hope you enjoyed the chapter and have an awesome weekend!!!

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