Back from the future

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Dani POV:

We were in the lab getting ready to leave to go on a mission. Mr. Davenport then walked in. "Okay everything Is packed. Am I forgetting anything?" Mr. Davenport asked. "No we'll just guess what the mission is." I said sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and told us the mission. "What today? No thats not gonna work. Today is Shelly ' s birthday and her mom makes the best cupcakes." Leo said and we all looked at him. "What? That women doesn't skip on the sprinkles." He continued. "Leo you will get your cupcakes but we need to get these guys going." Mr. Davenport said. "What these need is...BACK UP!!!!" Leo said and did something with his arms. "You can be BACK UP here in the lab." Mr. Davenport said and Adam laughed. I looked at him. "What? Saying things back words makes things funny. Ooh saying things back words makes thing-" Adam said but was cut off by Mr. Davenport."Stop it!!!" He yelled. Just then a big bright ball appeared and a Grown adult was in it. When it stopped we all looked at him and Adam, Bree, Chase, Leo, and Mr. Davenport were screaming and chase jumped into Adams arms. But me? No. I didn't scream. What I did was I put a force field around us. "Okay nobody panick. It's probably just the cable guy." Mr. Davenport said. "Big D you don't remember me? I just time traveled from 7 years ago. It's me...Leo!" He said. Wait what?! I put the force field down. "Whoa, the cable guy has the same name as you." Adam said. Leo then started walking up to the so called older 'Leo'. "Wait if your really me, then you would know the secret handshake that I came up with if I ever became a spy." Leo said to the the guy that came from the future. They then did this really weird handshake and I looked at them weirded out. It really is me!!" Leo said and started jumping up and down. I rolled my eyes and went over to the counter and grabbed my book. I then looked through the page and finally found the perfect song.

They're telling me
Get back on ground
Forget my Dreams
Just let them drown

But deep inside
A voice is telling me
You're wrong

I wanna know

That anything

If I believe

I'm ready for
Whatever future
Holds for me

Can't be afraid anymore
I'm getting ready to fly
Wish they could all see me now
Cause I can

Breaking all the boundaries tonight I can see the stars aligning
Finally I'm free to live a life
I'm going to keep on keep on shining

What do you gotta be
I'm going to follow my dreams
Now there's no doubt about it

I am breaking
All the boundaries

I can see the stars aligning

After I finished everyone was looking at me speechless. "What?" I asked and started stretching. They started talking to older Leo and I wasn't really paying attention. Chase nudged me and I looked at older Leo. He looked at us and smiled. "It's so good to see you guys!!" Future Leo said smiling at us and gave us a big hug. "You too..." Chase and I said in unison. We both looked at each other and laughed. Bree groaned, "Twins." She said and I chuckled. He gave us a big hug again and I pulled away. "Older, yet strangely similar Leo." I said. He nodded understanding that I barely liked hugs. "So uh...what are you doing here?" Mr. Davenport asked him. They then started talking and I kinda got annoyed. Everyone was talking but I didn't want to talk, so I wrote down a new song. When I finished Mr. Davenport ' s phone buzzed. "The collider mission, you guys need to go into the gear room[I forgot what he called the room] and gear up." He told us. Bree started telling old leo bye and I just grabbed her arm and pulled her to the room. We were gearing up when Adam started panicking. "Oh no I forgot my pudding!!! Be right back." Hey said and went back to the lab to get his pudding cup. When he came back he ran to his bag and packed his pudding. When we finished we grabbed our bags and walked to the elevator. When we got upstairs Mr. Davenport, Leo, and Old Leo were talking. "Good to go Mr. Davenport, we'll check in when we reach Delta point." Chase said. "No." Mr . Davenport said immediately once chase finished talking. We looked at him curious. "I mean the mission is off." He continued. "What? But you said the mission was urgent." I said to him. He looked at us curious. "Did I say "urgent"? I remember saying urging." Mr. Davenport told us. "Like I was urging you not to go on the mission." He continued. "Why?" Bree asked him. I tuned out after that. I was pushed out of my thoughts when Chase tapped me on the arm and I looked at him. He nodded towards the elevator and I sighed. When we got into the elevator it was silent. "I can't believe he said the mission is off." I said. We walked out of the elevator and into our capsules. There was a flash and when I opened the door to my capsule I was in my everyday clothes. I was wearing a white crop top that sad sarcasm on it with a black and white plaid shirt that I rolled up to my Elbows. Then I had red hoodie on and I was wearing black skinny jeans. I had converse on and I had a werewolf charm bracelet.

*Back in the lab*

"I need to start on the bot right now." We heard Mr. Davenport say. We then walked in. "So it's still not ready. Why won't you just let us go?" I asked Mr. Davenport. "That won't be necessary I just need to buy a few things...from Nasa. Their having a sale, everything is a million dollars off. I'll be gone in a couple of hours leo your in charge." He told us and I put my hands on my hips and rolled my eyes. "You got it big D!" Both leo and Adult leo said in unison and I heard Mr. Davenport say future leo. "Oh Come on!" Leo yelled to him. I tuned out after that until I heard arguing. "I guess he just lost confidence in us." Bree said. "Or you three." Chase said to Adam, Bree, and I. I then looked at him shocked at what he just said. "What about you?" Bree asked and I nodded. "Yeah I'm always the one caring you around." Adam said and I leaned against Adam but still looked at chase. "Yeah Chase, I'm as smart as you and we're mostly doing the work while you spit and tell us what to do." I said and bree and Adam nodded. "Oh I'm the weak link? You can't even spell weak link." Chase replied to Adam. He then looked at me. "And you Dani you may be as smart as me but you make fun of me just like them and you guys are always messing around." He told me and I rolled my eyes. We all started arguing. "Guys guys guys!" Leo yelled to us and we all looked at us. He then told us the most shocking news and I stayed silent after that. Leo and OLeo left to get leo ready for his date. "We are going on that mission." I said and Adam, Bree, and Chase nodded. We got into our capsules and Changed into our mission suits. After that, we got our stuff and left.

*At the mission site*

We finished our mission and cheered. Then we heard leo from the opening. "Guys, get out of here! The ceiling is about to collapse." Leo said. I looked up and the ceiling was about to fall on us until Leo pushed us out of the way and the rumble landed on him. "Leo!" I yelled but then realized something. Wait if he is gone, shouldn't you be to?" I asked older leo. He then looked at me. "I don't know this is all new to me." He replied. That can only mean one thing. Leo is still alive! "Adam, Dani leo is still under there dig him out!" Bree said and Adam and I started throwing the boulders. I saw leo and pulled him out. "Oh no the blast door is sealing." Chase said and Adam ran out screaming. We all ran out and I noticed that Mr. Davenport ' s rover slowly moving so I picked and up and ran.

We walked into the lab and Mr. Davenport walked over to us. "Thank God you guys are alright." He told us and gave us hugs. Everyone started talking but I just stayed silent and grabbed my song book.

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't updated my book in a while, I was in the hospital and had surgery the next day. I hope you enjoy this chapter so bye!!!!

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