Exoskeleton Vs Grandma part 1

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Chase and I were currently in the lab with Mr. Davenport when Leo came into the lab. He was looking at all of the inventions we have been working on for 'the call'. He was getting all excited and was wanting to touch the inventions.  "Don't touch that." Mr. Davenport said to him. "Then what do I touch, this pen?" He asked Mr. Davenport. "That is not a pen. It's a device that can fill up a blimp in a second." He told leo. "This tiny thing?" Leo asked and Mr. Davenport nodded. Leo pressed the button and air came shooting out of it. All the papers flew and Chase and I had to hold onto the device we were working on. u grabbed Chase ' s hand and we walked over to leo and Mr. Davenport. Mr. Davenport pressed the button and the wind stopped. "Ah!" Mr. Davenport yelled. We set all the stuff that was knocked over on the table back up. "So what are you having, a garage sale for geeks?" Leo asked and I got mad. I went all up in his face. "Call me a geek, one more time and see what happens. I'm not a geek like my twin brother named chase or Mr. Davenport." I told him and he looked scared but then had a confused face. "Wait you and Chase are twins!?" Leo asked and Chase and I gave him a no really look. But back to realization chase looked at me offended. "Hey! Even though your twin sister, if feels like your my big sister like bree and you, Bree. And Adam are always rude to me." Chase said and looked down sad. That made my heart break. Chase sat down and I sat down next to him. I put my head on his shoulder. "Chase, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Your my twin brother and I made you feel like trash. I'm a horrible sister." I said and looked down and a tear landed on my cheek. Chase lifted my chin up and wiped away my tears. He wrapped me in one of his special hugs. "It's ok. And your not a horrible sister. Your an amazing twin sister and I'm glad your my twin." He said and smiled. I got up and grabbed his hand pulling him up. We didn't even notice that leo had been hit with the magnetic force thingy that can't touch metal or it will shoot you across the room. Chase and I ran over to him and helped him up. "Leo while these had their twin bonding, I have decided that when we have that meeting, you get to be inside the suit to present it." Mr. Davenport said. "What!? But you said I could!!!" Chase said. "Yeah but you always get to do this. Let leo do something and hey, there is always next year." Mr. Davenport said. Chase had a disappointed look but it changed to a smile. "Your right. Leo should do this. And there is next year." Chase said. "Good." Mr. Davenport said and we walked out of the lab except Chase didn't.

*living room*

We were all doing different things in the living room. Adam was doing push ups with leo on his back, Tasha was on the phone talking to someone, Mr. Davenport was playing with an invention of his, and bree, Chase, and I were playing with a small ball. "Oh I got to go mom, he just threw up in my purse." Tasha said and got off the phone. "You know were gonna have to invite your mother over here at some point." Mr. Davenport said. " No we cant. She can't know about them and there is too much gadgets around here and a lot of Stuff is going on." Tasha said. Chase threw the ball to the side and I super sped and caught it. "Nope, nothing wrong here." I said and went back to chase and bree. Mr. Davenport was telling Tasha something until we heard the doorbell. Tasha gasped. "It's my mother." Tasha said. "I'll be in the Lab!" Davenport said and ran to the lab. "Turn invisible!!" Tasha said and  so I turned invisible. "That's not fair!!" Chase said. So I turned visible and we ran behind the counter. An old lady opened the door. "Oh good its unlocked." The lady said. "Hi mom!" Tasha said and gave the lady a hug. They were talking and I zoned out until chase told me to follow them. We were about to go down the hall until the lady saw us. "Who are they!?" The lady asked. "They are the...Staff! Big house." Tasha said and we walked over to them. "Staff? Oh Tasha, still so lazy." The lady said. "And your still so... my mother." Tasha said. "So what do you do?" The old lady asked Adam. Adam smiled. "Well I like to collect rocks, I lift heavy things, I chase bugs-" Adam said but was cut off by Tasha. "Adam is our chef." Tasha said. "Oh, right chef. Normally I wear a puffy hat and yell things in Italian. Bonjour!" Adam yelled. We all laughed. "And who is she?" Grandma Dooley asked about Bree. "She is my...Personal trainer." Tasha replied. "Oh, and what exactly does a personal trainer do?" Grandma D asked. "Its...Personal?" Bree said but it sounded like a question. "And what does this one do?" Grandma D asked talking about Chase. "He is Leo's nanny. His Manny!" Tasha said and I started cracking. "Aren't you a little young to be a Manny?" Grandma D asked. "Aren't you a little young to be a grandma?" He asked and she smiled. "Oh, I like this one!" She told Tasha. Then she looked at me. "And what about her?" Grandma D asked. Leo looked at her. "She is chases girlfriend. And she is mom's stylist!" He told her and my eyes went wide. "Yeah how cute they are together!" Tasha said. I gave a death glare to leo and he gulped in fright. "Yeah, how much I like my girlfriend!" Chase said putting his arm around me. I shuddered in disgust.

*in the lab*

Chase and I were in the elevator going down to the lab. "So about what leo said-" He said but I cut him off. "No, just no. I'm about to puke hearing that.  I mean your my twin brother. And if leo is in the Lab right now, I'm going to kill him. So hold a sec." I said then turned into a  tiger. When the elevator doors opened I walked over to leo. Mr. Davenport saw me and went wide eyed. I roared in Leo's ear causing him to scream. I then turned back to human. I grabbed him by the shirt. "HOW COULD SAY CHASE AND I WERE DATING!? YOU KNOW WE ARE TWINS!!!!" I said I let go of him and was about to lunge at him but chase held me back. Leo looked at me frightened. "I'm sorry! Please don't eat me." Leo said. That gave me an Idea. I shape shifted but I looked human but I had shape shifted into a vampire. He looked at me in fright. I hissed at him and he screamed. "Dani I'm sorry please don't eat me!" He said and that gave me an Idea. I shape shifted into a vampire. I looked the Same but when leo saw me I hissed at him causing him to scream. "Dani calm down." Chase whispered in my ear. I shifted back to human and realized what I had done. I'm a monster I thought to myself. "I'm a monster." I mumbled but I knew that chase heard me. Before they could say anything I geo-leap away to my favorite spot. It was this part of the woods where there was a pool chair and a lake. Under the chair was a box. I sat down and grabbed the box. I opened it and picked up a small book.

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