Dude Wheres My Lab?

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Adam, Bree, Chase, and I were in the lab with Mr. Davenport and Leo and we were working on our movements or something like that. I was wearing a white shirt with a black undershirt, then I had a black and red sweater thing on, gray shorts, brown sandals, and etc; "first the left arm." Mr. Davenport said and pressed a button cause me to hit Chase in the face, Chase to hit Adam in the face, Adam to hit Bree in the face, and Bree to hit nothing. "Now the right arm." He told us pressing another button causing Bree to hit Adam, Adam to hit Chase and Chase to hit me. Adam and Chase held their noses but I felt nothing. "I don't wanna play this game anymore!" Adam said and clutched his nose. "Ok Adam you can sit this one out, I'll just do Chase, Bree, and Dani." Mr. Davenport said and clicked a button causing me to hit Chase and Bree and Chase to hit Adam. We laughed at his reaction. I tuned out after that just thinking and thinking about this boy I met named Austin Mahone. He is so hot and is a singer just like me. I came back to reality when I heard something spark. Tasha (who I didn't even notice come in) dropped her tray she had in her hands. "Can't we just go with one day without something sparking, exploding, or oozing around here?" She asked and I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and noticed I got a text from Austin.

My boy😘😘😘/ princess👑😍😘😘😘

My boy😘😘😘: hey babe

Princess👑😍😘😘😘: Hey Austin

My boy😘😘😘: what are you doing?

Princess👑😍😘😘😘: talking to my step mom and my dad and my siblings also my step brother too.

My boy😘😘😘: wanna hang out tonight?

Princess👑😍😘😘😘: Idk I'll ask my dad

"Mr. Davenport can I hang out with Austin tonight?" I asked him and he had is let me think about it face. "Sure Dani." He said before he realized what I had just asked him. "Wait who is Austin?!" He asked getting protective. "Yeah who is Austin?!" Chase and Adam asked in sync being the over protective brothers they are. I pulled out my phone and went to my photos, choosing a photo of Austin and I and showed it to them. "He is a singer like me and we might do a duet together." I said and they nodded. "Wait let me see." Bree asked and I showed her. She then started squealing causing Chase and I to clutch our ears in pain. "Oops, sorry. But I'm so happy for you." Bree said and smiled. Mr. Davenport sighed and looked at me. "Fine, but don't do anything bad." He said and I hugged him before walking out of the lab.

Princess👑😍😘😘😘: he said I can go.

My boy😘😘😘: Sweet I'll come pick you up right now. But change into your bathing suit, we're going to the beach.

So I geo-leaped back into the lab causing everyone to jump back, scared. "Chase can you press the button for my capsule?" I asked and he looked at me. "Why?" He asked and I rolled my eyes. "Because Austin and I are going to the beach to go swim. Plus we are going there to perform." I said and he nodded. I got into my capsule and the flash came from the capsule and I stepped out and looked at what I was wearing. I was wearing a black bikini with a cream colored cover up that could be used as a dress or a skirt and these cute black wedges that you wear for the beach. Bree looked at me impressed. She handed me an iPad and I clicked the camera. My hair was wavy with blond streaks in it. I was amazed. I said goodbye to them and went upstairs. I grabbed an apple and ate it quickly using my super speed and I heard the door bell ring. I walked over to the door and opened it seeing a hot boy in other words, Austin. "Hey, you ready to go?" He asked me and I nodded grabbing my stuff and walking out the door.

*skip to when dani's siblings get to the beach*

I was talking to Austin about which song we could sing. "Hey isn't that your family?" He asked me pointing at something and I looked up to see my family. My blood boiled with anger. "Yes it is. Will you excuse me for a sec?" I asked him and he nodded kissing me. I pulled away and stood up walking over to them. Tasha saw me and smiled. "Oh hey Dani!" She said causing the rest of my family to turn to me. I gave them a death glare causing them to step back a little bit from being scared. "What are you guys doing here?! I'm on a date with Austin and you are rudely interrupting it!" I said a little loud. "I'm gonna go find us a spot with Leo." Tasha said and Leo and Tasha ran away letting us talk. I put my hands on my hips and gave my siblings and Mr. Davenport death glares. "Explain. Now." I said adding a growl from me shifting into a werewolf. They looked at each other and Adam, Bree, and Mr. Davenport pushed Chase infront of me. "Okay so Tasha wanted us to have a family vacation so we all agreed, then the early alarm went of and the computer said that there was a solar flare coming our way, but luckily we have the portable lab." Chase said really scared. I shifted back to normal and sighed. "Just fix it. Okay?" I said but asked the last part and they nodded. I walked back to Austin and Laid down on my towel getting a tan. We then picked out the perfect songs and decided to go swim.

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