Meeting Justin Bieber

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Selena's POV:
Where was I at this moment you asked? Easy I was in my room getting ready to meet the amazing, sexy, cute, kind Justin Bieber. I had to look just right if I was going to meet the world's most famous teen pop star. 

Nearly all my clothes was scattered around my large squared room. I didn't know what would look good, I was afraid that I might dress either too casual or just over the top. After what seemed like hours I had picked the perfect outfit to wear. I changed into a pretty peachy pink flared sleeve blouse, with my cream shorts, tan brown gladiator sandals and a brown belt around the waist to tie it all together.  

I grabbed my car keys on my way to pick up Demi. 

As we approached the most famous arena of them all; Madison Square Garden, I looked at my view in front in such amazement. I couldn't believe I was going to meet Justin Bieber in the place where Michael Jackson himself performed. 

The lights dimmed and a blast of cheers awakened as a bright spotlight hit the centre stage and a dark figure rose from underneath. Loud screams called after Justin as All Around The World began to play.

During the next 2 hours I was mind blown by his voice. It's like I had landed on cloud nine. Hitting a fist up in the air every few seconds to the beat as we screamed and jumped in joy.

I couldn't think of any better moment then this right now until minutes later Demi and I were standing outside the dressing room of Justin Bieber. Nervous to even knock as our palms became sweaty and we became frozen not making a single move. As we both stared at each other our nerves took the better of us. 

We could hear Chaz and Ryan's idiotic behaviour coming from inside. The usual 'ouch you pushed me' or 'why you so gay' gosh those two were such idiots I don't understand how they became friends with Justin. 

Anyways back to the situation as I nervously raised my hand in the shape of a fist I knocked twice before the door swung open and well I was stood mesmerized. 

"Hey you're Selena right? Nice to meet you" 

His pure white teeth stood out in amazement as he showed his million dollar smile. Man was he so cute and sexy. Demi nudged me, taking me out of my fantasy as Justin just stared at me...


"uh...yeah sorry...Nice to see you too Justin...this is best friend Demi"

"Hi nice to meet you" 

Justin stuck his hand out waiting for Demi to shake it, Demi just stood there looking at his face as if she didn't know what to do, slowly her hand raised touching his hand whilst smiling. I just couldn't believe I was standing in front of my idol, my inspiration; it was just... no words could describe. 

Chaz asked me whether Demi and I wanted to join them for some dinner but I think I was too focused in staring at Justin at that time that neither of us really noticed what Chaz was blabbing on about.

Until I came to my senses and replied with a nod. How freaking dumb could I get...I am literally going to embarrass myself in front of Justin tonight I swear I can just feel it.

My thoughts were interrupted with Ryan going mad and making a run for the car with Chaz following him screaming, longing out Ryan's nickname 'BUTSY!' I was too busy seeing my crazy brother and his best friend run like idiots to notice that Justin and I were the only ones left, great I was left at an awkward situation.

Where the flip did Demi go. Soon enough Justin spoke commenting on Ryan's crazy antics, and I agreed in unison. "Okay well I'll catch you guys in the car I'm just going to change"

I replied a simple 'okay', and with that we walked our separate ways, sooner to meet...  

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