Justin Bieber's In My House

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Selena's POV:
It had been two days since we went to the concert and met Justin Bieber in person. Demi as usual couldn't stop talking about it, and by now the whole school knew that we had met him and well let's say Chaz was a little pissed because people started coming after him. Thank god I came just in time before Demi blurted out that Chaz and Ryan actually are best friends with him, I mean they'd be harassed meaning I'd be killed by Chaz, which was not going to happen. 

After calming Demi down, we decided to go have a girl's day out just the usual; shopping, manicures, movies, it'd be perfect. I wondered through my wardrobe getting ready for our big day ahead, trying to find the perfect outfit. Hmmm...

It was around meaning Demi would be here any minute, just as I was about to grab my bag and walk down stairs, my annoying big brother decided to call me over to his room. What did he want now? Probably feed him, what else. Greedy pig. Sighing I went over anyway, me being the perfect sister I am. 

"What is it?" I scoffed, obviously Chaz could tell I wasn't very pleased.

"Alright, don't get your knickers in a twist, I was just going to ask you if you were free tonight but never mind" 

"Why? What's happening tonight?" 

"Nothing, you don't need to know" 

"What the actual fuck? You serious? Now you have to tell me"

"Nah it's alright first go sort your attitude out" 

Was he trying to piss me off, just then the doorbell rang and I gave up on Chaz, who cares, it's not like I was interested in knowing about tonight anyway. Storming downstairs I swung open the door and walked out, fiercely walking into the car. 

"What's up with you?"

"Ugh, the usual."

"Chaz? What did he do this time?"

"He calls me to his room just because I become a little "stroppy" with him, which I wasn't... that much anyways. But he was like how he ain't telling me now cause of my attitude. Like seriously, as if I care"

Demi laughed a little as she drove, "But you do care Sel"

"Yes" I couldn't lie, I wanted to know. I slouched down the seat, making one of those sad faces. What did Chaz want to tell me? 

"Listen, we are going out for some fun leave Chaz and his boyish ways behind."

"Yeah! You're right!"

We waited at the traffic light before turning left in the direction of the mall. Just then we saw a car go past, ignore the car. But the person inside was so familiar.

"Demi did you see..."

"Yeah... was that who I think it is"


"Totally, but wait why's he going towards the direction of your home"

"Don't tell me Chaz was..."


She moaned, I knew she was annoyed. Chaz was going to invite us to hang out with him and Justin and all I did was act like an idiot.

"Sorry. I didn't know" 

"Well I want to go back."

"No, we can't Chaz will know. Listen we will go to the mall for a bit get a few things and come back in an hour alright."

Nodding disappointedly we drove off.  


Selena's POV:

After realising my mistake on Chaz's invite to meet Justin, soon enough Demi and I had reached back at my house. Grabbing our shopping and stepping out of the car. As I rummaged through my handbag to get the keys, I could hear Justin's voice from inside. Oh my gosh I literally thought I was going to die. 

Justin Bieber was in my house! I placed the key inside the keyhole and turned once allowing the door to open. As Demi and I took one big breath we stepped inside, placing our bags on the floor on the side of the hallway.

I could hear the sound of sneakers squeaking along the floorboards. Demi pulled my sleeve a little looking up at her to understand what was up. Her eyes motioned in front of us and as my eyes trailed to the direction Demi was staring at I noticed Justin and Chaz standing in front of us. 

I stood up properly, speechless. What was I supposed to say?


"Hey Selena. Hi Demi"

"Hii" Demi squealed with joy.

"I didn't know Justin was coming"

"Well that was what I was trying to tell you this morning but you didn't listen"

"So you guys went shopping"

I stood there not saying nothing, the fact Justin was at my house still shocked me. I nodded slightly motioning yes.

Chaz laughed like I was some sort of idiot.

"You look funny Selena, chill just think of Justin being normal."

"Um.. yeah.. well"

"It's okay I get that a lot. Chaz stop making fun of your sister, so would you two like to hang out?"


We all bursted out laughing at the way Demi screamed with joy. Boy did she need to calm down


"It's okay Demi, we all know you're mad"


"Kidding, but yeah what you guys up to?"

"We thought we'd make some food and like play pool volleyball"

"Yaay, you guys cook and us girls can bake some brownies"

"Yum, I'm already hungry" I laughed at Chaz, he was crazy.

We were all in the kitchen cooking and just having fun, within the past hour we had gotten to know more about Justin and his life. Soon Demi and I were in my bedroom changing into our bikinis ready to get our game on. I wore my beach cover up on top, to keep me somewhat warm before I got into the pool. Although it was nearly summer it was still a little chilly. 

Walking out with a tray of drinks I saw Justin standing there talking with Chaz shirtless... my eyes gazed at his perfectly ripped abs, his stomach so toned, his arms so muscly. Boy was I going to need a doctor over here soon. I quickly turned my gaze to Demi to make sure I wasn't caught. And then I saw Demi doing the same thing I was, laughing shaking my head I nudged her letting her know how much of an idiot she was looking drooling over a boy. 

I wasn't going to lie though he looked damn fine. 


{Present Day}

Yep I'm a fool. I got even more attracted to him once I saw him shirtless. Listen okay I had my issues I was an idiot for drooling over a guy's abs I know that now. I just hoped I could have known sooner. But anyways I'll carry on with the story, I mean we don't have another whole year to explain what went on.  

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