It's Just Too Little Too Late

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Selena's POV:
I couldn't believe I was about to do this. I didn't think after two years I'd be standing here about to see the guy I once loved. It took me two years to finally be able to forget about him, to leave the past and carry on with my future.

If I knew two years back that I'd be seeing him again I wouldn't have taken so much of my time trying to scrape him out of my life. But this is all my best friend Demi's work, what can I say she is very persuasive. 

Now 19, I finally understand the meaning of love, how a person should be treated, loved, cared for. Because once a heart is broken they become fragile and shatter into millions of pieces...just as a piece of glass. 

Who am I? You asked; I'm Selena Gomez Somers. You must be thinking if I tried so hard to scrape this guy out of my mind why would I be standing outside this venue, about to face the guy which I've envied for two years. 

It's simple; actually it's no way near simple, quite complicated actually.

But ever since I've found out I would be seeing him again on this day I started to remember the past we had together, the good memories we loved being together. 

I found out that I never had lost my feelings for him. I still loved him and I had never stopped. Even after what he had done to me. 

But who's the guy behind this all you ask? Simple, his name is Justin Bieber. Yes THE Justin Bieber...teen pop sensation who's wowed millions of girl's hearts. And he did the same to mine accept he broke it and took my heart with him...leaving me empty and lonely inside, with no one to comfort me. 

You probably might have hundreds of questions wanting to be answered such as; what has he done to you? Is it that bad? But why do you still love him? And well I'll answer them for you don't worry I will. I'll take you back two years ago when I was 17....

Let's just say the love; the romance that was in the past will never be the same again...

If Justin was listening right now well I would have a message for him... yes everything that happened was in the past but I would never be able to forget what you did to me... never...

I'm not that easy to take back... 

It's just...

Too little too late...


So that's it for the first chapter! I hope you guys liked it! Do let me know what you think :) More to come!

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