Looks Like Dreams Do Come True

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Selena's POV:
Fucking shit why does that alarm always wakes me fucking up. Lazily getting out of bed I slip on my pink, soft slippers before strolling into the shower letting the pouring hot water drown all my thoughts, pain and stress away. 

Brushing onto my hair lightly I curl the ends before straightening my side fringe. Whilst still naked under my robe I step out of the bathroom and walk into my closet picking out some extra cute clothes. I add on some light makeup until I'm rudely interrupted by my obnoxious brother Chaz.

"Yo sis hurry up we gotta leave for school" "Alright, gosh" 

Walking out Chaz grabs my arm and drags me with him to the car. Pulling my arm away from his grip, me being me, starts shouting at him. 

"What the fuck Chaz? What's up with you?"

"I wanna hurry and take you to school so I can leave" "Oh so you're ditching school?" 

"Yeah and you ain't gonna tell no one" As the car started I slumped into my seat pissed.

"Why shouldn't I?" "Cause I'm going to see Justin today with Ryan and if you want to go to his concert you better shut up" "Fine" 

What? It's not my fault I get persuaded easily I mean it's for a good cause, going to the Justin Bieber concert. Mind you even though Chaz is best friends with Justin he's never let me meet him, just because I might go crazy over him or something.

And every time Demi and I try to meet him ourselves we never do. Chaz says that Justin does know about me as he's given Chaz two extra tickets for Demi and I the past two times he had a concert here otherwise that's the closet we've actually seen him in real life. 

But you never know maybe this time we could meet him...maybe this time our dreams could come true...


The school halls were always crowded you wouldn't see any corner empty, it'd be filled with teens. Roughly chucking my school books into my locker I hear the sweet voice of Demi calling my name. Shutting my locker I turn towards her smiling.

"Hey Demi" 

"Hi" She squealed "You'll never guess what?" Rolling my eyes I let out a little laugh 

"What could it possibly be?" "Chaz is gonna give us tickets to see Justin Bieber again!!" 

"I know he told me this morning" I couldn't help but laugh at Demi's expressions. "That's not all" 

"What do you mean?" I was slightly confused what else could we have? "This time we are going to meet Justin Bieber himself" 

She let out a huge squeal as my brain tried to take in what I had just heard. We were going to meet Justin... in person... looks like dreams do come true. Smiling I looked back at Demi 

"You're serious right? How?" 

"YES! Chaz texted me saying Justin wants to meet us as he always gives us tickets but has never really seen us so he gave us VIP tickets to meet him after the concert" 

I was ecstatic, overwhelmed I would be meeting my idol for the very first time. Jumping in unison with Demi we squealed with joy. 


So this is how Justin and I were going to have our first meeting. I was thrilled that I would be meeting my inspiration, the person who told me to believe in my dreams. 

But if I knew what I was putting myself through then I would never have been so excited to go to this concert. And I would not have been in this position I am now. 

Let's carry on shall we?  


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