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The following is how the world of Illusio works so as not to get lost on how everything goes.

Illusio. A world where playing games means either life or death, this technology savvy empire was created about 300 years ago after people suddenly began appearing, Humanity formed 3 cities, Sina, Rose and Maria. The royal family is located in Sina.

In an unexplained change a new system arose, its name was the 3DMG system. A virtual reality game implanted in a wrist bracelet people receive when they are born, to survive you have to play.

3DMG: The 3DMG has difficulty levels programmed on it, the levels range from 1 to 5, the numbers representing how many years is taken off your life if you lose. Currently people can only live up to 90.

How the 3DMG works: There are genres of games you can play when using the 3DMG, it includes horror, strategy, puzzle, adventure and battle. When activated the 3DMG sends your mind to a virtual world where you are able to move freely and experience feeling such as pain. People can die while playing even if the game is not finished. Your physical body is not able to harm from outside forces other then the game software by being crystalized in an impenetrable form. If you happen to die or experience pain in the game it will be sent to your physical body by the wrist bracelet.

Rewards: If you win you earn a reward, for winning a level one game you earn a weeks supply of food and water. A level two reward is a month's supply. A level 3 is a 6 months supply. A level 4 is a years supply and a level 5 is the chance to earn 5 years of your life back and gain an Imprint.

Signature: A Signature is the mark full blood relatives have, the meaning of having this is if one member of the family wins a game and receives a prize they can share with people with the same Signature, in other words, they can only share with their family, people receive the death penalty for giving food to people who do not have the same Signature. The death penalty is you have your 3DMG taken away which means death unless you share an Imprint.

Imprint: An Imprint is something granted to a person who wins a level 5 game, the use of this is to mark this on someone by placing it somewhere on their skin. The Imprinter will be able to share food with the Imprintee regardless of blood relation. This however can only be used on one person, after someone Imprints they will not be able to get it ever again. Can also be used in marriage ceremonies.

Food: The food in Illusio works strangely, the food never runs out until the time limit which is the amount of time the game instructed it to be. For example if you win a level 3 game the food you receive does not spoil until it has passed 6 months in your possession.

Age: The maximum amount of years a person is allowed to live is 90 but is nearly impossible to reach, everytime a person crosses the current age record a new age limit is set up.

Life: Your 3DMG has an icon in the top left corner that shows how many years you have left to live.

Activation of 3DMG: To activate the 3DMG one must simply say 'Activate 3DMG software' if one cannot speak then they have the option of performing a special salute in where you place your right hand on your heart in a fist with your left hand balled up behind your back.

Annual King Coronation game: Every year the top 10 players who are the age of 18 are chosen to compete in a game to win the throne of King of Illusio. Only the best player can become King. They will play against each other or the current king in a maze, whoever loses a game gets sent home, if they're not already dead. Certain rules apply though when encountering the King. If you play a game with the King and lose you are automatically sent to die no matter how many years you have left. If you happen to win you automatically become the new King, and the former ones stays alive to become the new King's mentor.

Cheating: There is no cheating in a game, if caught cheating you will automatically be put to death.

Marriage: People of any gender can marry due to the fact that the population is low. To marry you must Imprint on your chosen lover, although if someone Imprints it doesn't mean they are married. True marriage has one partner imprint on their lover and the other offer a bonding ring.

Bonding rings: These rings are worn on the ring fingers of lovers to match Signatures, although it cannot be a full Signature if it does not come with an Imprint.

King Ability: Kings have the special ability of being able to create deals with whomever they play with, the deals can involve raising life years up, more than a years supply of food etc...

Boss Game: All who have played disappeared. Information about it unknown.

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