Chapter 2: High Heels are What Popular Girls Wear

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Finally, what feels like hours later, we pull up at school. Thanking mrs. Davenport, I hop out of the car after Cali, and follow her down the hallway of our outdoor campus. We stop in front of our lockers, which are conveniently located next to each others, and Tiffany's. again, Cali's connections. I look behind me, and see that no one is around, except Cali. just to make sure no one sees my code. If your code gets out here, it spreads around, and people ruin your stuff. I turn the lock to the three numbers, 7,27,7. yeah, pretty simple. But I have short term memory loss, so it's easier for me to remember something simple. I open my locker, and take a moment to stare at the picture of Niall, from one direction, Taped to my locker door. I grab the textbooks and notebooks I need, and slam the door shut. Cali winces, and says, "Jade, why do you always have to do that?" I don't respond, she's in her grumpy Monday morning mood, and she's being rhetorical and sarcastic. she turns on her high heels, and struts down the hallway, some poor 6th grader carrying her stuff. It's like an unspoken law that only us populars get to wear heels. I watch her walk away, then turn on my own heels walking into the opposite direction.

The day drones by, and I finally find myself sitting down at a lunch table with Cali, Tiffany, and Tiffany's friend Alana Jackson Alana isn't part of our circle but we let her sit with us because Tiff has known her practically since birth. i persomally think shes super annoying. Lunch includes, once again gossip, and me picking at my grilled cheese.Alana starts into a detailed story about her trip to the mall on Saturday. i could care less, but surprisingly Cali and Tiffany are very interested. What's up with them?

after school, mom picks me up in her mustang. "Hi Jade, how was school?" She asks.there's something a little depressing in her tone. "Uhm, fine I guess. I was really tired." "That's nice sweetheart." "mom are you okay? I said I was tired and you said that's nice!" she looks out the window for a moment then turns to me and says, "I'm sorry honey, I'm just a little distracted." I think to myself, that's weird.

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