Chapter 4:The Pressure's on Me.

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"it started with a whisperrrrrr. That was when I kissed herrrr...." My phone blast everybody talks by neon trees, waking me up brutally. It's my text alert. I open my phone and see the message is from my mom."Jade- Your dad and I left for work. mrs. Davenport called and asked if we could take you today. James can drive you to school. Jamie went shopping for dorm stuff. She leaves tomorrow for college. Please get Jess dressed and feed her. can you make breakfast? tell james to drop jess off at daycare after he drives you to school. Love you jade! -mom". all the pressures on me. yeah, I'm 14, but I'm not the most organized person there is. I check the time. Luckily it's only 6am, giving me enough time to get everything done, plus some homework I forgot to do last night. I rush downstairs, still in my pjs, and I pour juice for James and I, get a container of applesauce and two yogurts out of the fridge, and cut up some oranges. Then, running back upstairs, I finish an essay on the civil war, and print it out, shoving it into my phone says it's 6:45. I grab a pair of extra-skinny jeans, and a Brandy Melville sweater. I braid my blonde hair into a side-fishtail, , and apply liberal make-up, trying to conceal the red marks and circles under my eyes, from last nights late-night crying period. I brush my teeth and put on some diamond studs, and coach sneakers. I run downstairs with my backpack, and yell at James to get up through the intercom. Then, rushing down the hall, I wake Jess up, changed her diaper, and dress her in a plaid jumper. Carrying her down the hall, I put her in her high-chair and feed her applesauce.James is eating. I sit down for a split second, and eat. I check the time. 7:45. "let's go!" I say, as I pick up Jess, and my backpack running towards the garage. I open James's Volkswagen, and strap Jess into her carseat. Then I hop into the from seat, and James starts driving. We pull up at the gate to Cali's house, and the security guard lets us in. Cali is sitting on the front porch, on her iPhone 5. She got the new iPhone the day it came out, and made a big deal about it. In every conversation anyone had about the iPhone 5, she would be there and tell them how she got it the first day it was on sale and stuff. Nobody really cares, though. Cali walks toward the car, still not looking up. She gets in the backseat, still on her phone. "Hey Cali!" I say. "Hi Jade." She says, obviously distracted by Facebook probably.Okay, something's up with her. Usually she's eager to talk and gossip. What the heck is going on with everyone? We get to school, and Cali gets out without a word and I hurry to keep up with her.

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