Chapter 3: My Life is Sprinting Downhill

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Hours later, I find myself slaving over math homework, trying to figure out the answer to the variable 'X'.I yawn as I conclude that 'X' should equal seven times five minus three. I slam my laptop shut and flop back onto my bed in relief.Eighth grade is tough, especially for people like me who aren't the brightest. I pull my IPhone out of my back pocket, and type in the pass code. I log onto my Facebook and twitter, posting a couple things. I'm interrupted by my brother yelling thorough the intercom,"JADE! DINNER IS READY!" James, who's 16, can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but if I was ever in trouble , he would be there me. I hop down the stairs, and run into the dining room, just as everyone sits down. I rush to my seat. "Jade, sit down honey, your dad and I were just about to share some news." My moms voice is shallow. uh-oh, something IS really wrong. My dad says, "Kids, today I found out something that will impact our lives greatly. I lost my job in the relating company I work for." "WHAT?" I scream. "How dad? I thought your job was a secure job!" James."kids, calm down! The relating company had to close! just don't freak out. I got another job at a much smaller relating company. It won't pay nearly enough, so your mom is going back to work. " My dad informs us. "I'll be working at a cooking store, called Sur La Table." She tells us. This is just too much to handle. "so kids, that also means a much smaller allowance. No big shopping sprees, jade." "Uhm,mom. Can I say something?" For the first time, Jamie speaks up from the end of the table. "Well, I got big news, too. I was accepted to college." "WHAT!!" We all scream. Then it hits me, she only applied to out-of-state colleges. "Where?" I ask her. "well, I got a scholarship. To juliard." juliard is a famous college of the arts in New York City. This has just become the worst day of my life. I just get up and walk out of the room.I barely make it up the stairs, when I burst into tears. This is too much bad news in one day. first, my dad looses his job, making us make sacrifices. Then, my mom has to start going to work. Now, my sister, whom I'm closest too, is going of to New York for college. I've never been this worried before. I change into my pajamas, then spend most of the night on my phone, still in tears, trying to forget about all my problems.

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