Chapter 13: Prom. Oh help me.

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One word. PROM.

My school has a junior prom every year. And of course, that means prom queen&king. And what does that mean? Fighting and rumors. Stupid drama. I remember the day our principal posted the nominees list. Juliet practically dragged me through the crowd, and up to the front of it. "EKKKKKK!" She screams. "What?" I shriek, trying to talk to her through the other screaming and yelling teens. "WE BOTH GOT NOMINATED!" She yells, as she whips out her iPhone to take a picture. I pull her out of the crowd, and we walk toward her locker. "Gimme your phone." I tell her, and she places her phone in my palm, still smiling, with her cheeks glowing. I scan the picture. '8th Grade boys for Prom King and Prince. Sam Jackson. Bryan Edwards. Cody Smith. Jacob Silver. Chris Tomlinson. Brent Farrad. 8th Grade girls for Prom Queen and Princess. Cali Davenport. Juliet Nelson. Britt Nicol. Tiffany Bradford. Kenna Samsoung. Jade Evergreen.' Oh my gosh. So basically my ex. Tiffany's ex. Four other popular guys who probably hate my guts. My ex-bestfriend and enemy. My current bestfriend. My ex bestfriend's boyfriend stealer who hates my guts. My ex-bestfriend who got back in with the popular clique. A nerdy girl. And me. Dear God. This is ridiculous.

You're probably wondering what happened at Juliet's church. Well we went back out there and just ignored Britt, which she was probably glad about. She's mad because she used to be friends with Juliet, before Ju ditched the popular girls. Whatever. It's literally not even important to me anymore. I have Juliet, and she's all I need. But I'm just focusing on getting through the next week of prom crazy teenagers, and by the look of it, my bestfriend is already headed in that direction. Someone save me now.


Guys, I can't express how sorry I am that I haven't posted! Life is getting in the way! I would appreciate your feedback! Are you excited? Much love!


-Claire <3

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