Chapter 15: The trip might be off.

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I grab my phone from my pocket and shakily dial his number. 'Ring..... Ring.... Ring.....' Finally he picks up. "Hey Jade what's up?" James says. "JAMES! DADS NOT ON A BUISNESS TRIP! JAMIE'S AT A SURGICAL HOSPITAL " I scream. Juliet looks up at me. "Very funny Jade." He laughs. "James. I'm stinkin serious." I raise my voice. "Ha.ha.ha. Look Jade, I'm at basketball I gotta go. Nice try." "JAMES LOUIS EVERGREEN WHAT DO YOU NOT GET. JAMIE IS IN A HOPSITAL. WHAT THE CRAP DO YOU NOT GET." I scream into my poor phone. There's silence for a second. "Wait, you're serious?" He says. "Yes. Juliet and I are flying to New York in a few hours." "Heck no you're not. Flying by yourself to New York isn't going to solve your problems." "James you can't stop me." "You bet I can. You're at Juliet's house right?" I sigh. "Yep." "I'll be there in 20." he says. I hang up and flop onto Juliet's bed. Juliet turns away from the computer, and says. "So he's going to come over and stop us right? Typical protective brothers." I sigh for like the billionth time today. "Well we might as well still get your stuff ready. You could sneak out tonight and we could catch a cab to the airport." She goes back to the computer and I go back to her closet. I shoved a leopard sweater, a 'sweater weather' sweater, and a maroon sweater into a bag with various white crop tops with sayings on them. I put two big city coats into the suitcase too, as well as a satin and leather top and a sleevless black top. The I rolled up leather pants, a checker print legging, and dark skinny jeans, and put them in the other suitcase with a gray Maxi-skirt and a short black skirt. I grabbed a pair of high waisted two-tone shorts and a sparkly black and gold shorts. All in all, we looked like we were going to Fashion Week. Then I run to her bathroom and put makeup from MAC, Benefit, Urban Decay, and Sephora into two bags. I grab her toiletries, and but them in a bag for her. I knew when I went home I could pack my stuff. Suddenly, the doorbell rings downstairs. Oh crap. Juliet runs to go get it, while I shove the suitcases under her bed. I sit on her bed and pull out my phone, desperate for a distraction. I hear James and Juliet coming up the stairs. "Hey Jade." James says quietly when they walk in. I run over and hug him and put my head in his shoulder. He squeezes me tight. I know sometimes I feel like James hates me, but he's my brother and I know he'd do anything for me. And that's the truth.


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