Chapter 6: Thanks, God!

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Frantically I open a text to Tiffany. "So, I heard about Alana blackmailing you to be your best friend. Uhm let me just say we might not be welcome in their group anymore...." Tiffany is quick to respond to, "uggh! Jade, what did you do??? If you weren't my only friend right now, I would be super mad at you, But I don't have a choice but to be nice." I rolled my eyes, and fell back into my pillows, already dreading tomorrow. So, I opened Instagram, and the first thing, at the top of my feed, is a picture of Alana and Cali, posted by Cali. It was last summer, when they came over to my house for a paint war. They were in bikinis covered in paint, hugging each other. I sigh, because, well I took that picture. The caption read, "love my bestie! Alanaboo, you're the bestest girl there ever was.

The next day, I find myself walking to school, in my jeans and polka dot designer rain coat, with matching boots and umbrella. Mom was taking Jamie to the airport, after we said good bye at like 5am. Dad working and James had a test at school, so I was forced to walk, and of course it was raining. Picture this, lonely ex-popular walking down the slippery street in the pouring rain. Is this really what my life is coming to? Like of course god decides to make it rain the day I'm walking. It's Miami beach! It only rains like twice a year! Thanks god! (AN: sarcastic! Oh, that's one thing I haven't told you. I guess technically I'm a Christian. I mean, my family goes to church Sundays, but I could care less. It's not really a big thing in my life. By the time I go through all of this stuff in my head, I arrive on the campus at my school and head towards my locker. I cross my fingers that Cali won't be at her locker. I turn the corner, and just my luck, she's there. Again, thanks god! (AN: sarcastically again ) I have no choice but to go up to my locker, I need my science book and this is my only chance to get it. I just walk up, and silently open my locker. Phew, she hasn't noticed me. I grab my textbook, shut the locker, and spin around to walk away. I find myself face-to-face with Cali. She smirks. "what? You jealous jade?" "Oh please. Like I'd be jealous of the girl who wears five thousand pounds of make-up and is a jerk to everyone, and donates to charity just so she can sleep at night." I spit back at her. She responds, "Little Miss Unpopular Jade Evergreen. I'm going to make you regret the day you were born. Watch your back babe. Because this backstabbing chick just found a new target. " She smiles evilly. Before I have the chance to respond, Tiffany comes up behind me and pulls me away. "Jade! What the heck were you thinking? We're so dead." She tells me. "Tiff, are you really gonna let people walk all over you the rest of your life?" "Yeah well, you're making a stupid choice by standing up to Cali. Like she said, shes a backstabbing person.Think sometimes Jade!" I just turn on my rain boots and walk away.


Surprise! Update!

Oh snap. drama! Aha.

I need your predictions or suggestions! I already have an idea of where I'm going with the story but I need like names of a church, some good last names, a cute boy first name, some plot changes. Oh, and the new character will bring Jade to Christianity and a love for little mix.

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