Chapter 7: the kiss

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"Peyton" he said.

"Yeah?" I stopped, turning to face him.

"Come with me."


"Just come with me." I followed him as he walked toward the far back of the gym where the janitor's closet was. He opened the closet and pulled me in, closing the door behind us. I flickered a light on.

"What is it?" I asked. I could feel the heat radiating off him.

"Peyton, I know it's none of my business, but your friend needs to stay away from David."


"Because he's just another badass jerk like the guys he was with when we went to the diner."


"So please tell her that she can't be around him."

"Okay, why didn't you just tell me that out there in the gym?"

"Because of this." He then leaned into my lips and kissed me. I blushed pushing him back a bit.

"W-what was that for?"

"What, you didn't like it?"

"Y-yeah it was nice, but..."

"Then stay still." He smirked as leaned in again, kissing me. He took a hold of my hips as he kissed me. I kissed back blushing uncontrollably. Enjoying his kiss. It was my first kiss with a guy. Our lips slowly parted, and he smiled down at me, still holding me in his arms. My cheeks blushed red and I quickly walked out of the janitor's closet, leaving James by himself. I know it was rude to leave him, but it was too much to take when he kissed me without fair warning. Gym soon ended and I rushed out of the locker room with Cassidy.

"Hey, Peyton where did you run off to in gym?" Cassidy asked curiously. I stayed silent, I was speachless after I had ran away from James. "Well?"

"" I managed to say.

"Oh my god! That's great! I knew he liked you!"

"Quiet down, someone might hear you."

"Oh shush, now you, James, David, and me can double date Friday."

"Cassidy, I'm not even sure of my feelings for James. After he kissed me I could feel my heart pumping out of my chest, I started blushing...."

"That's love for you."

"No, I don't know if it's love or a crush. He just makes me feel embarrassed when I'm with him. Also, you shouldn't date David."

"What? Why?"

"Because James told me that he's no good."

"So what, he's a bad boy, I think James is just jealous of David. David seems nice to me, and if he is an asshole, I'll dump him."

"Are you sure he's nice?"

"Of course, and like I said, I'll dump him if he doesn't treat me right." The bell then rang. "I've gotta go, bye Peyton." I watched as Cassidy ran off to class. I started walking to my next class, wondering if things would work out for Cassidy and David. And what would become of me and James.

The week went by fast. Cassidy called me on Saturday, telling me the details of how well her date went with David. From what she told me, David seemed okay to me. What did James have against him anyway? I soon got ready and headed over to James' house.

"Peyton, hey" James greeted me at the front door of his house. "Come in." I entered the large house taking it all in.

"Nice house you've got here."

"Thanks. Want to a tour."

"Sure." For the first half hour of my time spent, we roamed the house, James showed me all the rooms in his expanded house, leading up to his room.

"And this is my room." We entered his room. It was messy, like any other guy's room. We both sat down on his bed.

"Nice room you've got here."


"So where is your family?"

"My parents are out at a friend's house tonight."

"Oh." I blushed, feeling him come closer.

"Thought we could talk about you and me."

"What's there to talk about?" I asked feeling slightly warmer as he got closer.

"In the gym, when I kissed you." I could feel my heart pounding. "I like you Peyton."

"I like you too."

"I don't just like you, I want to be more than friends with you."


"I want to be with you, Peyton."

"James I...I-I don't know what to say."

"How about yes?"

"James...I" before I could sort out my words, he kissed me. I kissed back, the feel of his lips against mine, made me feel different. It made me feel in love. I lied back on his bed as he leaned over me, kissing me harder than before. For a second while we kissed, I had sworn I heard him growl. There was something unnatural about his growl. I felt his hands grip my waist, pulling me closer to him. I slightly pulled away and sat up, blushing hard. I turned away him, noticing him staring at me. I felt him take me by the chin and turn my head to face him. "I love it when you blush." He took my face in his hands and kissed me again.

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