Chapter 9: Pleasure part 2

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One hour later, I woke up. I rubbed my head and sat up in bed. I looked beside me, James lying asleep beside me. I searched the bed for my underwear. My lower region ached as I moved, James must have been pretty rough on me. I soon felt an arm wrap around my waist and pull me back. My eyes met James'. I sat there speechless in his arm. I watched him as he lowered my body underneath his. I looked down at his boxers noticing his hand gripping the rim of the boxers. My eyes widened as I saw him slowly pull them down. I looked away, blushing harder, feeling his warmth come closer to my body. "James..w-what are you...I-I'm not wearing any...please.." I stumbled over the words until I gasped, feeling his other hand cup my lower region. I moaned and soon felt his other hand slid up my side as he hovered over me. His hand slipped over my breast, and I gasped. I watched as he licked his lower lip. I moaned and bit my lip as he grasped my breast in his hand. "James...don't...I-I'm not..I'm not ready.." But he ignored my plead and pinched my nipple, rubbing it between his fingers. I moaned and could feel myself become wetter. I then noticed him lower his lips to my aching breast. He then popped my nipple into his mouth and I gasped. I moaned, feeling him nibble at my nipple then bit it softly. I held back a moan as he sucked my nipple. He then let go of my breast and rested on top of my stomach.

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