Chapter 3: Protective instincts

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It's already Friday, and James will be picking me up any moment. The thought's still on my mind since Cassidy keeps telling me about how controlling James is from what's she's heard on the gossip line. He was so alluring when I met him....

The black camero pulls up in front of the school. James gets out of the car to greet me. "Hey, Peyton" he smiles. I hold my hand out to shake his, but instead he hugs me, making me stir in confusion to how he was determining our relationship. Do friends usually hug when they meet a second time? I mean if you're friends with a super hot boy. "Lets go." We both hop in his car and drive off.

"Where are going?" I asked curiously.

"We're going bowling" he said simply. "That alright with you?"

"Yeah, sounds fun" I said shyly. We arrive at the bowling center, and grab some bowling shoes and a lane. After a few rounds I start realizing that I'm sucking at this bowling game. I slump back into one of the chairs next to James.

"Want to ditch the bowling and just go to the arcade?" He smirks.

"Sure, I suck at this game anyway" I said plainly. We then stood up and walked over to the arcade part of the bowling alley. After a few hours of pointless arcade machine games we leave.

"Want to get something to eat, I know a restaurant that's down this street, my treat" he says.

"Sure" I agree. We get out of the car after James parks it next to the small 50's diner looking restaurant. We both enter the deserted diner and sit down in a booth. "Looks abandoned" I mutter.

"Yeah, that's why it makes it better than most fast food stops around here" he chuckles. I giggle a bit. Our conversation drops when I see James' happy expression disappear upon seeing a few guys walk into the diner. The group of tough looking males approach our table. I'm getting a bad feeling about what's going to happen next.

"James, you look well for guy that's been gone for a month. Who's your friend?" One of the guys say to James before turning to look at me. "She your girlfriend?"

"Back off, David. She's just a friend" James says standing up.

"She's awful cute for someone who's just a friend" David teases, trying to sit down next to me. James stands in front of my side of the booth, blocking him.

"Get away from her" James says in a calm yet threatening tone.

"Oh, come on. I'm sure she wouldn't mind spending some time with me" David stated, winking at me. I blush, uncomfortable in the situation. James gets closer up in David's face.

"Leave now" he said in a deep, dangerous tone. The group of guys held back David, who looked like he was about to attack James.

"Fine, we'll leave. But I'll see you and you're friend later" they then exit the diner. Leaving James angered. Why was he so protective of me? I thought.

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