Chapter 1: James Carter

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It's pouring rain, and I'm walking through, trying to get home. I check my watch. It's 5:56pm. Shit, it's late. I'm soaked, stepping through puddles with my worn out converse. This is the punishment I get for staying at the library so late, I think to myself. Trying to finish that stupid English essay for homework. I feel alone, drenched, and tired. The road looks deserted. Suddenly I see headlights through the rain, and a black Chevy camero pulls up beside the me. I see one of the windows open, and I see the driver. The guy driving the car looked like he was about my age, which is 17. The next detail of the driver's appearance that popped into my head was that he was hot. This guy was muscular, pale, with dark brown eyes and short perfect brown hair. "Need a ride" his voice was soothing and calm, almost alluring. I hesitated, thinking that getting in the car with a stranger wouldn't be right. "Aren't you Peyton Anderson?" He asked.

"Yes, how do you know who I am?" I asked curiously, shivering in the rain.

"You're in Mrs. Rogers' English class with me aren't you?"

"Yeah" I reply.

"Still need a ride home?" He asked. His eyes were so beautiful. I snapped myself out of the thought.

"Yes, please" I said. He then unlocked the passenger door, and I got in.

I sat in the passenger's seat, soaking wet. I felt his eyes upon me as we drove through the pouring rain. I looked at him through the corner of my eye, catching his gaze. Our eyes met, I quickly looked down at my feet, feeling my face heat up. I heard him chuckle a bit at my embarrassment. "Are you always so tense?" His words sent chills up my back, making me blush even more. "You forgot to tell me where you live."

"I live on Blossum Street, third house down the road." I muttered.

"Who are you?"

"I'm James, James Carter. I moved here last month" he replied simply. The conversation fell into silence.

"You don't talk much do you?" He asked smiling a bit. I blushed a bit before nodding. We soon approached my house entering the driveway.

"Thanks for the ride" I say silently. I start to open the door up, but suddenly he takes me by my wrist in his large hand and pulls me back. I'm now face to face with him, my eyes widened and face red.

"I like the way you blush" he smirked. I pulled back a bit, still sitting right beside him, facing him. "Listen, I'd really like to get to know you. Would you like to maybe, hang out with me this Friday?" My heart's pounding and I can't breathe. I finally take a breath and speak.

"What?" I ask nervously. He chuckled again, smiling, looking into my eyes.

"I-I don't know what to say. I barely know you" I stated shyly. He took me by the hand and leaned in closer.

"All the more fun" he whispered. his breath felt warm. I blushed harder, and quickly turned away, leaving him looking at the back of my head. "So what do you say?" I hesitated, thinking it over.

"Yes" I uttered.

"Great, I'll pick you up after school this Friday then" he said pulling away. I then got out of the car and went inside my house.

What was I thinking? Agreeing to hang out with this guy I've never really talk to before, I thought. He was just so alluring when he took my hand and...oh! Don't think about it Peyton! I walked upstairs to my room and fell back onto my bed and rested. This is crazy, I thought. I barely know this guy. I become so vulnerable when guys talk to me. I started walking up the stairs. I enter my room and lay down on my bed. I sit up, realizing that I'm no longer soaked from the rain.

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