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(sound of booth operating)

Turner: "Clair? That was . . . unexpected."

Clair/Mallory: "I'll say. You're not supposed to be here."

Turner: "Where am I supposed to be, then?"

Clair/Mallory: "Erased."

Turner: "That would be better for everyone . . . except me, of course."

Clair/Mallory: "I guess Q couldn't break parity after all-but all's not lost. There's another way."

Turner: "What's happened to your nose, Clair? It looks different."

Clair/Mallory: "It feels . . . smaller."

(sound of hammering at the door)

Clair/Mallory: "Fill your pockets with grenades, Turner. It's time for some direct action."

Turner: "They're mines, too. Three settings, see? Immediate, timer and motion-triggered."

Clair/Mallory: "That's handy."

Turner: "We'll make a terrorist of you yet, Clair Hill."

(sound of hammering grows louder)

Turner: "Ready?"

Clair/Mallory: "I'm beautiful."

(sound of door opening)

(transcript ends)

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