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This is the only record that exists of what happened next.

(sound of booth in operation)

Clair: "They Improved Arabelle, and Theo too. The dupes recognized the errors in their patterns and made them right."

Gemma: "Is that how you knew?"

Clair: "That and the guns they pulled on me."

Arcady: "They won't get a second chance. I promise you."

(sound of booth opening)

Clair: "Hello . . . Mallory."

Mallory: "You know my name. How resourceful, Clair Hill. But don't think it'll make any difference."

Clair: "Tell us about Improvement. Tell us about the dupes."

Mallory: "Oh, yes. You are definitely not hiding in anyone's shadow now. One day soon you'll appreciate the irony."

(sound of finger snapping)

(sound of body falling to the ground)

(sound of shouting and sudden movement)

Axel: "She's dead!"

Arcady: "How?"

Axel: "Suicide. Something internal . . . I don't know."

Clair: "So we couldn't get anything out of her, I guess."

Jesse: "Who would do that?"

Clair: "Someone with nothing to lose."

Arcady: "Secure the body. It's time to make plans."

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