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I walked right into the thick of it. Clair had twisted free of the dupe in Ray's body and was running for the door. The other dupes were after her, knowing that if she raised the alarm their plan would be ruined.

Clair saw me in Libby's body and skidded to a shocked halt.

"There you are," I said. For an instant I saw only her. My relief was too great to acknowledge the danger we were in, or the fear in her eyes. "I've been looking for you."

"Be cool, Mallory," said the dupe in Theo's body. "We have everything under control."

Reality hit hard. I looked from Clair to the others. Everyone was looking back at me-or, rather, looking at the person they thought I was. I felt as though I was seeing through a long, misty tunnel. If the dupes realized I was an imposter, they would turn on me as one.

I raised the pistol I was holding and shot the dupe in Ray's body square in the chest. The sound was deafening, the action devastating. He went down in a shower of blood and for a second the others just gaped at him, shocked by the suddenness of it all. The dupe in Arabelle's body was still staring at him when I shot her as well.

Then the others were reacting. I pushed Clair behind me and backed into the doorway, firing as I went. She stumbled but got to safety. Bullets ricocheted around us, kicking up splinters and whining like angry bees. One caught me high on the left shoulder, and, weirdly, for an instant I didn't feel anything at all.

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