masks (part five)

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My options were limited, and they were shrinking fast, thanks to the person doing their best to get me out of the VIA building. They were good, whoever they were. It wasn't enough merely to get past them. They were constantly attempting to reclaim whatever ground I had made. Just staying where I was, staring at a locked door, was costing me every effort.

Distantly I wondered if Turner had been right along. Perhaps someone had been tracking me, someone at least as good as me at manipulating the Air. Now the masks were coming off, and the battle was truly on.

I dropped out of the fight. It wasn't achieving anything. There was another way to meet my objectives.

Far below, in the flooded subways of the Manhattan Isles, was a submarine full of armed and determined terrorists. If I couldn't get Clair out with their help, I would deserve whatever fate awaited me.

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