wrong (part three)

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While Clair and the WHOLE activists took possession of the hall, I downloaded the transcript of what had occurred in the vehicle.

Ray: "See any drones?"

(unknown female): "Clear."

(unknown young male to Clair): "The ATAC is camouflaged, and the drones are dumb. We'll get away, don't worry." (vehicle noise) "That's all-terrain active camouflage vehicle. Jesse's dad designed it for us."

Jesse: "And now you've killed him. Really killed him. What happened-he got away the first time? One attempt wasn't enough, so you had to have another crack at it?"

Ray: "He was firing at us. Remember that?"

Jesse: "Did you see it with your own eyes? It was dark."

Ray: "He was the only one there."

Jesse: "Well, wouldn't you fire at someone who tried to kill you?"

Gemma: "We didn't kill him. It's not what it looks like."

Jesse: "I was right there. Both times! I know exactly what it looks like."

Gemma: "But you're still wrong."

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