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Unnamed peacekeeper #1: "The system is down to fifty percent, and the remaining capacity isn't functioning reliably."

Unnamed peacekeeper #2: "I've got a fix on Dylan Linwood."

Jesse: "Where?"

Unnamed peacekeeper #2: "Paris."

Unnamed peacekeeper #3: "I've got a second fix. Moscow."

Unnamed peacekeeper #4: "And Sydney. I'm getting others, too. Arabelle Miens, Raymond Miller, Theo Velazquez-"

Unnamed peacekeeper #5: "They're in Tokyo, too."

Unnamed peacekeeper #2: "Berlin."

Unnamed peacekeeper #3: "Manhattan!"

Broken promises and a broken world. It's not the end of everything. It just feels like it. I suspect that sometimes things need to be broken in order to be properly repaired.

Humanity relied on Qualia and Quiddity for too long. Cracks appeared and were allowed to spread until the whole edifice collapsed. Now, with d-mat shut down to stop the flood of dupes pouring into the world, a new solution must be found. Perhaps the vast competence of crowd-sourcing can be tapped into. Perhaps something I can't yet foresee.

All I know is that it won't be me. I am broken, I am reassembling, and I do not know what my final shape will be, yet. Perhaps a conscious being never does.

You can take a favourite clock and replace all the parts, so it looks the same and functions the same. You can take the same clock and remake it in an entirely new form. Is it still the same clock? If so, why so?

This account may not help me find my final shape. It might not help me define what is human and what isn't. It merely charts my journey thus far, and attempts to explain my actions.

I am responsible for those actions, but I feel no remorse.

Humanity is resourceful. They will find a way to cope. Or not.

Jesse: "Now what?"

Clair: "Now we're going to find Q and tell her I'm sorry."

Friendship must be earned. And I must remember that humans can evolve, too.

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