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Clair: "Don't! Please don't hurt him. I've told you everything I know. Q is one of the lost girls, like Libby. She woke in the hangover when I used Improvement. She's been helping me, and I've tried to help her too. She deserves to know who she is. Who she was. You must know. You killed her."

Jesse: "Clair, what's happening? Are you all right? Where's everyone else?"

Mallory: "They're gone forever, unless your girlfriend tells us the truth."

Clair: "Why would I lie? I've told you everything I know."

Mallory: "That Q is an ugly duckling who latched onto you at random? I don't think so."

Clair: "Why not?"

Mallory: "Because I'm careful. I don't leave leftovers."

Jesse: "This time you made a mistake. You must have."

Mallory: "Ant doesn't make mistakes. Except when he's being too generous."

(sound of snapping fingers, booth operating)

Dylan Linwood: "Jesse?"

Jesse: "Stay away! Who are you?"

Clair: "It's him, Jesse. Really him, this time."

Dylan: "Who else would I be?"

Clair: "You were captured in the street. They put you in a booth, took you through a null jump to take a record of your pattern."

Dylan: "What have they done?"

Clair: "They duped you. Your dupes tried to kill us. We . . . we managed to stay ahead of you, of them . . . for a while."

Dylan: "So we're all zombies now."

Clair: "Don't say that. That's not the way it is."

Dylan: "You too, Jesse?"

Jesse: "They're going to take you away again, Dad. They want something we can't give them."

Dylan: "How can I feel like this? How can I feel anything at all? Was your mother right the whole time? Was I wrong not to let them bring her back?"

(sound of booth operating)

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