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Shortly before reaching the Manhattan Isles, the sub changed course radically. I watched anxiously as it began to surface. Terrible imaginings filled my mind. Could a fire have broken out? Could there have been a violent disagreement among the outlaws?

The submarine broached the waves at the Atlantic Avenue docks and opened its hatch. I woke the drone and accessed every bit of data I could. The reason for the change of plans quickly became apparent.

Clair: "I need to talk to Arcady. Pass it forward. I need to talk to him now."

(sound of movement)

Arcady: "What is it?"

Clair: "I want you to drop me and Jesse off early."

Jesse: "Why? You're not chickening out, are you?"

Clair: "If we stay together and are intercepted, there goes our only shot. It's eggs and baskets again. By splitting up, we double the odds in our favour."

Arcady: "We could drop you off in Brooklyn Heights while we come in through the subway."

Clair: "With the evidence, Libby's body. Right. Worse comes to worst, one group acts as a distraction for the other."

Arcady: "It's a good plan, Clair. Let me run it by Turner. I'll be back."

(sound of movement)

Jesse: "Are you sure about this?"

Clair: "Positive. Ask yourself who VIA is going to consider the greater threat: a bunch of walk-ins from the sticks or a sub full of well-armed terrorists in a submarine?"

Jesse: "You think they'll be spotted?"

Clair: "I think there's a good chance, and I don't want to be sitting in here waiting for the torpedoes to arrive."

(engine noise)

Jesse: "Are you all right?"

Clair: "Headache. Don't worry about it."

(sound of movement)

Arcady: "It's agreed. That's what you'll do."

Clair: "Good. We'll take Q with us."

Arcady: "Shannon, too. You might find him useful. And Gemma."

Jesse: "Gemma?"

Arcady: "She insisted. I think she wants to keep an eye on you."

(engine noise)

Arcady: "Surface in half an hour. Be ready."

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