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Sorry that Author has been away for a while 😓😓😓😓

Hope you guys enjoy this chapter !

"Why the fuck are you looking at me like that" Leo snarled, his whole body tense looking like he's about to pounce and pound the fuck out of David .

I jumped in my seat, and coughed slightly trying to stop myself from fucking chocking. My eyes widened slightly and grabbed my cup of water, what the hell? Almost gave me a bloody heart attack.

"It's my house mutt, not yours" David hissed before moving his beefy arms towards the dish Leo had and snatched it back angrily gripping the metal spoon he dumped a load on his plate.

I sat there is shock. Did arse licker call Leo a mutt?? "What the fuck ?" I whispered while watching two testosterone filled men have it with each other.

Leo's head snapped towards me, making me sit up straight "Language" he practically growled at me, and leaned forward and grabbed my chin.

The scent of Leo invaded my personal space, the smell feels like home  but so manly at the same time. I feel no shame on saying that I would have no problem
Rolling in that scent.

"Don't ever swear, this mouth is mine and I will not allow filth to come out of it. Understood?"  Leo growled, his nose touching mine. Anger and fear both come crashing into me at once.

Who the hell did he think he was ?

Just as I was about to give him a piece of my mind, I felt a hard kick on my leg. Glancing down, I see a black heeled foot- which happens to belong to.. Mum?! 

She's been so quiet I forgot she was even in the room!

Looking at her face, I see her quickly glance at a tense David who is stabbing his food then look back at me.

'Don't provoke him'

Was all she mouthed before continuing eating and acting as if nothing happened. I felt a sharp sting on my cheek, I flinch and look back at Leo who looks like he's going to fucking kill me.

"Um.. yeah I understand" I muttered deciding to listen to Mums warning. Leo gave me a look of approval and gave me a quick peck on the lips. Again.

That's the third time he's down this today. I blink and look back at my probably now cold food, just what in God's name is happening ???!

"Ïådsga gīfv"  (Good girl) (This is a made up language btw)

I frowned and looked at Leo, what language  was that? I've never heard him speak this,

I'll ask him about it later..

I don't why, but the shit stirrer within me woke up when I looked at David.

My big mouth just had to ask " Why sid you just refer to Leo as a Mutt?" I questioned staring at a now constipated David , glancing at Leo I see that his whole form tensed, his eyes were trained on David's uptight form.

David looked back down at his food with a tensed jaw "This does not concern you" he basically growled at me.

Okay then. No need to be an arse you prick I thought bitterly, my appetite has now left building.

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