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"I'm going home" with that statement I left a frozen Cole, a petrified Sarah and a.. Demented Leo. A slight shiver ran through my body at that thought 'I don't think the word demented cuts it' with that thought I turned my body away from Leo who right now is freaking the shit out of me.

Leo stood on the same spot after my statement Leo slowly moved his body away from Cole and towards me. His face tilted to the left slightly as a he watched me, his brown eye seemed to be on the verge of pitch black which I can't find any reason in my head on why they are turning frigging black. 

But that's not what's scaring me it's just smile. Yes he's fucking smiling at me as if I just said the most funniest thing in the world. 

As I started to walk off a familiar mocking voice me stop in my tracks "Now now Payne where do you think you're going ?" That sentence made me freeze in my spot as I shakily turned my head to see that Leo had taken a stop towards me but still had that twisted smile painted on his face both of his hands were tightly clenched behind his back as he continued to watch me.

'He was daring me to fight back' I thought feeling like I was going to piss my pants any second.

I coughed slightly to empty my throat, my throat felt like it was being stuffed with cotton balls making me choke on my words.

"I'm going home Leo y-your scaring the shit out of me and my little brother" I managed to say while trying to get Lucas to calm down crying. At this rate I'm pretty sure the boy will pass out.

Leo's face fell at my words making me gulp slightly and take a little step back away from him. But then he laughed. I watched in confusion and in fear as his head leaned back and a really fucked up laugh back from the back of his throat.

I felt like I was in a horror movie when the villain reveals himself and when the victim begs to be freed he laughs in their faces. It's the kind of laugh that makes you want get a knife and kill yourself. You would rather kill yourself then let some twisted little freak fuck with your body .. And give you the most painful death.

Leo laughing died out as he looked at me with eyes that burned anger and want ? "You really think you can escape from me ?" Leo began to pace back and fourth with his hands in his soft looking hair a tug at his aggressively.

Then he stopped pacing and slowly looked up at me "I would love to see you try after all I like a good game of hide and seek" He was taunting me like a snake when it catches if prey I felt like the breath had been squeezed out of me.

Leo was a fucking snake his words wrapped around my body until I could no longer breath and then and only then would he go in for the prey.

How could someone so beautiful be so cruel ? Leo's muscled body was covered my a fitting long white t-shirt which defined every single muscle, Leo has a body that every guy would die for. His long legs are covered by a thin material shorts giving everyone a sight of lean muscular legs that would intimidate anyone who looks at him.

And his face looked like it was carved out by angels any girls dream guy.

But right now he looks like he came from the pits of hell himself.

Just as Leo was going to take a step towards me a scared but fairly confident voice stopped him from making his way towards me. Making me feel extremely grateful towards the voice as quickly moved back behind the table 'at least here he won't get me straight away'

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