Deep crimson (1)

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As we grew up Leo had attached himself to me, everywhere we went he was there by my side.

Leo thought I hadn't noticed how he was always touching me in some way. He would either hold my waist, my hand or put an arm around my shoulders. I try to pry off his massive arms away from me but he would always give me this intense look.

A look that said 'I fucking dare you'

Leo was the first friend I made during my childhood and my only friend. I remember when a boy in my class named Jack tried talking to me, I was happy I was making new friends. Leo is my friend but to have someone other then Leo talk to me befriend me was the best feeling in the world.

Turns out Leo didn't agree with me, I have never seen Leo so angry it scared me a little. Did he really hate the fact that people wanted to be friends with me? The fact that Leo didn't have to say a word to me about how he felt about Jack was enough for me know that Leo really hated Jack.

I could see it in his eyes there was a storm brewing and it wouldn't stop until he got what he wanted. He had this power around him that made everyone want to crawl in hole and die somewhere. It was strong and dangerous.

He had the look in his eyes as he slowly approached us, his nostrils flaring his jaw clenching he then leaned down and whispered something in Jack's ear. I watched Jack's face pale at the words Leo was whispering, with a satisfied smirk on his face he leaned back and sat in the seat beside me his eyes focuses on Jack's.

Jack ran off and never looked at me, spoke to me or approached me ever again.

That is how I lost a potential friend. 

I don't blame him for being scared of Leo, for his age Leo was pretty tall and scary. He was the tallest in the class and the biggest.

Something I didn't understand. The boys in our class hadn't even hit puberty yet. They were all small and scrawny. But Leo he looked like he zoomed past everyone and hit puberty before anyone in the classroom.

As we hit our teens things changed, he changed.

He suddenly became possessive over me.

It was prom, people were asking each other out. I was always uneasy when it came to events like this.

Nobody ever asked me to go with them.

Daniel a guy from my science class had suddenly asked me to go to prom with him. My heart literately exploded with happiness someone had finally asked me out.My happiness was cut short when I noticed Leo's facial expression he was far from being happy.

His broad chest was heaving up and down in anger his light brown eyes had darkened slightly his whole form seemed to get bigger.That day Leo said nothing. We went to class, then we went home.

Daniel was found beaten to a pulp.

I remember looking at Leo's face. He had a blank face as we all crowded around Daniel's bashed up body.

I remember seeing the corner of his lips turn up slightly.

From that day everyone avoided me like the plague, I didn't even end up going to prom.Leo said he'd take me. I declined and stayed at home instead.Biting my lower lip I nervously tugged on the sleeves of my t-shirt. "Leo I don't  want to go" I whispered looking down at his feet.

Tension in the room suddenly went up, gulping slightly I slowly moved my eyes from his feet escalating up his massive figure to his face. I think I almost pissed myself.

The look on his face showed me that he was not pleased at all with my answer.

His eyes had turned dark slightly messing up the balance of his light brown eyes. His whole body tensed, you could see his t-shirt tightening around his arms and chest.

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