House Stark

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'Could this get anymore awkward ?'I thought while staring at Leo's mum, Shifting under the covers slightly I slowly move my body out if the covers and sit on the side of the bed.

As soon as I spotted that damn camera in her hands I felt like a part of me just died. No one spoke for a while it was just quite. Leo had moved positions and decided to lean his back on the head board.

All that was heard was the movement of Leo's covers.

"I'll leave you two to get ready and come down stairs for dinner" Leo's mums voice piped cutting through the awkward silence. Turning my head in her direction I nodded my head while staring at her forehead.

'I don't have the balls to stare at her in the face right now' I thought miserably while stretching my arms in front of me  and with a big yawn I rolled my head side to side and with a satisfying click to my neck I stood up.

"Leo we should head down stairs now, I'll meet you there" I rushed while fixing my fuzzy hair, before he could say anything I was already out of the door and walking down the stairs.

The smell of meatballs invaded my nostrils as I took a deep breath in, my tummy rumbled loudly making my pat my stomach.

"Dong worry bub you'll get food soon" I whispered to my stomach as I skipped towards the kitchen.

"Pay pay" A familiar childish voice sang making me stop in my tracks, 'shit I almost forgot about the little bugger' Lucas jumped on my leg making me stagger forward a little looking down at him I couldn't help but smile at him.

'He maybe a little bugger buts he's my little bugger" I smiled brightly down at Lucas and picked him up in my arms and gave him a hug which he happily returned.

"How have you been buddy?" I asked him softly while pushing my fingers into his disturbingly soft brown locks.

He shrugged in response and moved his head onto my shoulder, Lucas doesn't like going to other people's houses he cries his eyes out every time we visit our grand parents.

Hence why don't go over there often but they come to us. 

Walking towards the kitchen I see Cole is already in the kitchen with Sarah (Leo's mums name). Sarah was at the drive cooking and Cole was standing behind her, she looked like a dwarf compared to him.

That's how I feel whenever I'm around Leo, it must run in the genes.

"You know she'll love it here" Cole said to Sarah giving her small neck kisses as she cooked.

I stood there feeling a little awkward and a little grossed out 'I don't think they realised I'm here yet' I thought while moving my left foot toward only to freeze at the words coming out of  Sarah's mouth.

"How can you be so sure that she'll love Leo like I, I love you?" Sarah sighed leaning her head against Coles shoulder.

'Who the hell they talking about ?' I was curious to see who they are talking about as far as I know Leo has never spoken to a girl let alone get close to.

My body tensed as I could only think of one person they could me talking about, dread began to fill my body as I held onto Lucas a little tighter to my body.


Just as Coles was about to respond, Lucas chose that moment to sneeze "Achoo ew pay pay" Lucas tiny voice spoke as Cole and Sarah instantly froze as they both slowly looked back at my wide eyed form.

Both of their eyes looked at me with surprise as well as a little fear.

It was silent for a bit as Lucas leaned back and shoved his snit infest hand in my face making me grimace in disgust.

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