Ruined Hangout... Er, Date?

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  • Dedicated to Victoria

This Chapter is dedicated to Victoria! She's a good friend of mine :D If your reading this,- Hai :)

Anyways, on with the story! :3

Chapter 13

Nathanael's Point of View

It was Damon's muscular arm that I took as my 'thing' to hold onto when I was scared. But I'm still scared now because of that lady. This grabbing his arm to hold onto thing made me blush slightly. I let go of his arm unwantedly, still scared.

"Sorry. . ." I apologized to him.

He responded with a nod and a smile formed in his face. Asa looked at us, a bit of hurt filled his eyes. I wonder why? I looked at Alsh side and saw that Maine was hiding behind Alsh arm. Jealously took over me a bit but I'll eventually get over the fact he's way too good for me. I sighed quietly.

"If you want, I'll let you hold into my arm again if you get scared. I don't mind." Devon suggested.

"Thanks." I thanked him. No flirty saying? Just niceness? I liked this side of him. I smiled warmly at him.

We watched the rest of the movie in peace - a little bit. When the scary parts came I hid behind him as he laughed at me at my fear I was showing right now. I would scream every once or twice and he would try to calm down my heartbeat. For the rest of the movie images of the scary parts crept into my head, making me grab Devon's arm to hold and hide in.

I felt no embarrassment whatsoever when holding his arm for covering. The blushes and embarrassment is hidden right now, fear being dominant. I sniffed his scent silently. He smelled like Vanilla, my favorite ice cream flavor, I smiled.

"Do you like Vanilla?" I blurted out.

One of his eyebrow raised up but returned normal and he smiled at me. "In fact I do," He replied back.

"Great..." I said shyly. I took a peek at the movie and the lady that's haunting the dad's face came in the screen. Another scary scene. I'm bad at taking time.

I shivered. I imagined me in a dark room while that lady in the gown was roaming around me. I hadn't realized that I was trembling of fear. I whimpered. That wasn't suppose to happened. Oops.

"You okay?" Devon asked, his voice full of concern.

"Yes. I'm fine." My voice muffled.

"Okay, then." He said.

'Dawn you okay?' A voice asked me in my mind. The voice was Ash, I mean Alsh. I laughed at my head, I'm using Devon's nickname for: Ash.

'I'm okay, just a little scared," I paused, "how's your date with Maine?' I asked him curiously.

'I hope you'll be okay,' He said to me making me smile, 'Its not a date!' You could heard irritation in his voice.

'Sure, it's not!' I snorted.

'It isn't!' He pointed out. I ignored him.

"Hope you get out of my head." I whispered to quietly.

Silence except for my breathing well it's an exception because the fact that I'm human. I sighed. Questions started popping up in my head making me answer the blindly. I fidgetted with my finger while hard questions showed up in my mind. My brain felt really heavy.


"Dawn you there?" Asa asked waving his hand in front of my face.

"Hey." I greeted them. All of my questions were gone instantly.

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