A Vision of The Prin

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Chapter 10

------'s Point of View

I traveled immediately throughout the forest. I put on a scarf to cover my cut. A vampire cut me in the arm. I hissed in pain as I covered up the cut. I hesitated, since I just remembered I could heal very quickly. Why are Alivine's Guards following me? What do they need?

I saw light at the end of the forest. It felt like freedom, seeing it. I hadn't seen light in such a long time. I almost forgot, I needed my necklace for me to walk in sunlight. I put it on quickly and entered the glowing light.

I was sucked into a big hole and landed on green grass. I landed with an 'oof'. I felt pain in my back as I started to stand up. I dusted myself off, making the dirt fall to the the ground. The wind swayed the green grass. It started a cool breeze that sent shivers down my spine.

"Where do you think you're going?" A gruff voice said.

"Some place you aren't going." I said, while turning around to meet the stranger.

"Alivine asked me to bring you back." He informed me as I shook my head in disapproval.

"I'm afraid, Nicholas, that I cannot allow you to do that. . . You see," I paused, "I have a very important person to meet." I said.

"Well, that isn't your choice kid. You will come with me whether you like it or not." He growled at me. I laughed mockingly.

"Try me." I simply said.

I ran ahead feeling a cool hair of breeze at my head. I ran with supernatural speed and was soon by Nicholas' side. I grasped his right arm and twisted it as he screamed in pain. He shot back his left arm to hit me in my cutted arm. I hissed in pain, angrier.

In seconds, I went in front of him. I immediately shot my hand in his chest - his heart. Before he took another strike at me, I took it out dangerously, looking at the real organ. I looked at it in disgust and threw it in the ground. He dropped to the ground like a dummy.

"It's really shameful that I had to kill you. . ." I said shamefully.

I looked at my hand carefully, red blood covering it. How disgusting. I kneed down to wipe the blood away with the guy's clothing.

"Goodbye." I said, my voice trailing off.

I left without regret. That guy, Nicholas will not get in my way, especially if I'm meeting someone very valuable to me.

I looked up at the sky. It was light blue with very white clouds floating. When I was on the other side, it was always dark. I smiled happily to myself. I soon heard whispers all around me. I looked around, alarmed that someone would attack me at any second.

It was two girls close together, scared, probably because some mysterious guy appeared out of no where in front of them. I laughed humorously.

"Hello girls." I smirked at the both of them.

I knew I was on earth already.

Daniel's Point of View

"Come here, my maid." I ordered.

She walked slowly to me, now by my side. I grabbed her arm pulling her down. She whimpered quietly, too quiet for me too hear. I laughed happily.

"Get Donavan here." I whispered in her ear as she nodded.

She stood up and walked faster than she had when she came here. She should obey me or something bad will happen to her but if she obeys me she will get something good. I smirked.

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