Alsh's Brother?!

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Chapter 11

Nathanael's Point of View

A guy. A really muscular guy was here. Standing at my balcony now. My eyes were about the size of golf balls by now. I slowly looked at Alsh's face and saw no surprise whatsoever. What the hell?

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Alsh asked in an annoyed tone.

I was a bit shocked in some ways that Alsh knows whoever this guy is but ever since there has been a weird encounters happening I'm not that surprised as I was before. I tried to act casual but failed miserably.

"Just visiting you, brother." said the guy, he had a smirk on his face. That made my eyes widened like golf balls again. I didn't know Alsh had a brother.

"A-alsh," I stuttered, "you have a brother?" I asked looking at both of them in disbelief.

"Well," He paused for a brief second, "In fact I do." He admitted.

"If your not going to introduce me to this beautiful young lady, then I'll do it myself. I'm Devon." He introduced himself to me, as he held his hand out.

I didn't like the way he said "beautiful young lady". Reminds me of a player. I reconsidered shaking his hand but I didn't want to be rude. I shook it unwantedly.

"I'm Dawn. Nice to meet you." I said half smiling at him.

He shook my hand delicately and bend down to kiss it lightly. I felt my cheek slightly turn red. Maybe this guy is a little bit of a gentleman. I saw Alsh give Devon a glare.

"Nice to meet you too." I said hiding my face.

"Well brother, you visited me. You can leave now." He said. I don't think Alsh likes Devon. It's like he's trying to make him leave already.

"But I haven't seen you for two-hundred years. I can't leave already." He complained. Two-hundred years? How old was Alsh really? It makes me wonder.

"Wow, that long?" I blurted out intentionally. So much for thinking alot. They looks at me both.

I blushed slightly. "Sorry." I apologized.

"Anyways, Father wants me to stay with you. I know it's quite bizarre but hey - you know how he changes plans. So here I am." He smirked at me.

"I'm calling him for this. This can't happend." Alsh said shaking his head.

This conversation was leaving me hanging in my questions that was forming in my head now. And I hated the fact. I just stood there. Like the idiot that I am.

"Ah," Devon paused, "father said, no exception." he argued with Alsh. Alsh groans.

"This isn't right. You aren't interfering with me and Dawn." Alsh pointed out.

"You see, I could've disagreed with his plans but he mentioned her." Devon pointed at me. Oh why am I in this conversation?

"So I might as well, check this girl out." He smirked at me and Alsh. I rolled my eyes. Player already.

"That wasn't a very good first impression..." I said too quietly. I saw Devon's face stirred in my direction. He had that annoying smirk on his face again.

"Well, sorry Dawn. But that's how I usually am." He admitted. I just stood there in silence.

"Well, you just interrupted something that she was suppose to tell me." Alsh argued.

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