Chapter 2

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I took a cup of soft drink from the buffet table.
The declaration ceremony was being held in the pack house.
The alpha decided to let us off that evening, so we attended the ceremony as regular members.

I took my drink and sat at a far of corner of the room, just observing the celebration before me.

I took a sip and was suddenly hit with a strong scent, stronger than any I had smelt before me. It was like the scent was calling me. My heart beat increased and thumped through my chest audibly.

My skin tingled and my breath faltered. When he turned to meet my gaze, my heart skipped a beat. I took in a very deep breath and held it in. The vision around me fazed and left me in my own little world with him.

Mia squealed in contentment and cheered in sheer joy.
He had hazel brown eyes, a very well sculpted face and a fit body adorned with muscles along his triceps and biceps.
His hair was chocolate brown, a deeper brown than his eyes.

I took in all these details of him from just a look. Dang!!,this bond was strong.

His eyes held some sort of emotion I had to blink twice to be sure of what I was seeing.

He seemed irritated and frustrated.

Wait a minute, was he irritated by my appearance?!!
As in, the mating?!

I was out of my daze now and was still confused by his expression when Mia, took over.


Of course it had to be the Alpha to be.
He stood up from his seat, the celebration had already started so not too much eyes were on him.

He came and pulled me by my arm, out of the room that housed the party and a pathway in the halls.

He fisted his palms and punched the wall.

"What are you doing ?"

"Excuse me?!!"
I was confused.
Did I do anything?

" Why would you....... would I be your mate??" He gritted, forcing the words through his teeth.

"You think I chose this, you think I want this?!"

I was totally surprised by his question.
Did he really think I chose this, when I already had a plan in place after this night, was he really this stupid? Were they actually really all so dumb like I thought?...

"You think I want to be..... Goddess!!
Are you really this stupid?."

I had to voice my thoughts, despite those tingles filling my body with weeded sensational feelings. It was mainly torture just to say those words.

"Yes, so you could leach of my position.
Well, you'll be a fool to think that I would actually want you or even consider marking you, I'd never have you..... Not a maid and never a low life!."
He growled.
Uttering all this freely, anger evident in his eyes.

"And if you think I'd let those darn fang of yours graze near my skin, then you're a bigger fool than I am. You're right.... I am a lowlife. This could never work."

I fought the tears that threatened to fall through my eyes.
Was he not feeling the mate bond?.

"Like I'd even dream of it, I've got a mate already Gina, and l'm gonna mark her tonight. So don't even think-"

I had to end this chat, I couldn't hold back the tears much longer

"Don't worry Marcus, I loathe you enough to see through your disguise. A dainty, idiotic, self absorbed jerk, and I'll rather die than be acquainted to you any day."
I interrupted.

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