Chapter Twenty-Two - Billionaire Book Boyfriends

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Isla had no idea what Arturo planned on doing with her, but considering what he'd already done to her, she couldn't exactly get any rest after he left her alone.

She'd rushed back to her room, the second time she had to do that with her clothes barely hanging on in less than twenty-four hours. Part of her was annoyed, but it was difficult to maintain any anger towards Arturo when he made it so worth it to put up with his games.

Hell, she wasn't all that sure she minded this. So long as no one on staff saw her. Then it might be a different story, and even then, she couldn't entirely say that it would be.

Arturo was lucky that he was good in bed. And extremely good looking, and that he was going to replace all the clothes he was destroying.

And maybe she should stop making this list inside of her head. It was starting to sound like he wasn't all that lucky at all.

When she got back to her room, again, without running into anyone on staff, Isla put away her supplies and had to have a look around for the camera that was in her room.

There were two of them. They were on each far corner of the room, probably because it was so damned big, and the cameras were needed to make sure every angle was captured.

But there were no red lights on them. They were turned off.

That didn't stop Isla from getting onto a chair, and then climbing up the mahogany desk just so that she could make sure for herself that it was turned off.

The ceilings were too high for her to reach the damned things. She damned her below average height at that point, but as she looked into the camera, even from the distance, she didn't see the lense adjusting to how close she was to it. It should have been doing that, right? It was a small camera, but Isla was about ninety-five percent positive that she'd be able to see that.

She climbed down before she fell and broke her neck.

Isla had to get cleaned up after that. Sweat was drying on her skin, and she needed to get out of her rumpled clothes.

She grabbed her phone, her contract with Arturo, and then drew a bath.

She quadruple checked to make sure there was no camera in the bathroom. Interestingly enough, there wasn't. She couldn't find a single one.

Isla wasn't entirely sure that she understood the logic of that. Someone could easily get attacked, or try to steal something, in the bathroom, right? It was the only thing that made sense. The cameras had to be there for security, and Arturo had shut them off because he didn't want to creep out a woman who was going to be staying in his house for the next couple of weeks.

The fact that there was no camera in the bathroom was at least something of a relief. And at the same time not.

Part of her wished there was a camera in here, one that was active, not unlike the things that had been turned off in her room.

But this was probably for the best, since she kind of wanted to steal all of these expensive bath oils that were placed around the deep edge of the tub.

It really was like being in a high end hotel, only better because all the soaps and shampoos were the sort of things that came from a salon, and exactly the right brands Isla liked to use, all the way down to the apricot body scrubs and face masks.

She could already tell she was going to have herself a little mini spa day while she waited for Martina to come back and help her out.

Which reminded her, the bed had been crisp and well made when she'd walked in, the room tidied up. That woman was really efficient.

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