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She wrapped her hands against her chest and gave him a pointed look

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She wrapped her hands against her chest and gave him a pointed look. "What exactly were you trying to do?"

Arzoo had pulled Saqib to one of the guest rooms. Confused, curious about what he was plotting against Dua and Sameer.

"Making sure that my brother doesn't make the same mistake as me and end up losing someone so important." He admitted with sincerity shining in his dark orbs.

"You didn't lose me......." A lump forms in her throat, which she tries to swallow.

"Yes, I did. But fate had different plans."

A coy smile plays on her lips, as she asks. "So you are playing a cupid for them?"


"Then I would like to be a partner with you in this." She beams with a huge smile on her face.

"But what if Sameer is like someone else?" She couldn't help but concern.

"I had this feeling that he likes her too, call it a twin instinct. But he is denying that feeling. And in the midst of this, I don't want him to lose something so precious. Dua is good for him, she knows how to handle him. And above that she loves him, that's a bonus." He continued.

Arzoo kept staring at him, as he kept talking. "I don't want him to take the same road as me. I took you for granted and almost lost you." His eyes lifted and met hers, hurt and pain crossed his features. "But I was lucky. You were written in my fate."

His hand went to his face, as he let out a sigh. "I would have given Imran a tough fight and would surely snatch you from him."

He stops, making her question. "Then why didn't you, Saqib?"

"Because I saw the way you look at him."

Her throat dries, "How did I look at him?"

He closed his eyes, but she was quick to see the storm of agony, pain, and tears in his eyes. Despite his best attempt, a lone tear escapes his eyes, shattering her soul.

He inhaled a shuddering breath, as pain ravaged his face. "You looked at him the same way I looked at you. Like you are my whole world."

"And I knew that I lost you even before I could win you. And seeing him make you smile, laugh, and happy make me hold my feelings and back away."

"If it were someone else in place of Imran. I would have erased his existence from your life. But I couldn't find it in me to do that with Imran. He was a pure soul."

By the moment he finished, Arzoo was in front of him, wiping away the fresh tears that were streaming down his eyes. Tears filled her eyes. "That's because you are a pure soul too, Saqib."

"Imran knew that too. That's why he gave my hand in yours."

The hands that were busy wiping his tears wrapped around his neck, as she stared at him dreamily. Her eyes glittering with emotion."Imran Mera Dil Hai, Aur Tum Saqib...." She pauses and continues a heartbeat later, "Mere Jaan."

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