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The once happy and cheerful atmosphere of the Khans mansion now turned into a tense and dreadful one

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The once happy and cheerful atmosphere of the Khans mansion now turned into a tense and dreadful one. Everyone was sitting around Ahmed trying to comfort him, asking what the earlier call was about. Ahmed who was sitting in the wheelchair, his old shoulder shook as tears strained his wrinkles eyes, and cheeks. He wiped it away with the shawl that was wrapped around him.

Farah and Zoya shared a look before leaving their husband's side and sitting beside their father.

"Abba." Both said at the same time, their heart was clenching seeing their father's tears.

"What was Phuphu saying?" Zoya asks softly as if talking to a child.

"Yes. Why she suddenly called? That too after several years." Nasreen asked, anger lacing his tone.

"She was begging for forgiveness," Ahmed said in his heavy voice. His eyes are mere slits and bloodshot red."Asking for help."

"What help?" Ayaan asked curiously, standing behind his wife.

"She's in..... ho-hospital." Ahmed's voice break, as a new set of tears shine over the old ones. "Zyada Waqt Nahi Hai Uske Paas."

Zoya's body was frozen, as she acknowledged her father's words.

"What are you saying, Abba?" Farah asked in disbelief.

"Are you sure, it's not one of her tactics?" Nasreen asked as if she was finding it hard to believe. Gulnaz, her sister-in-law was a liar, a manipulator. And sometimes people don't change despite all the times gone away.

"I don't know Nasreen." He said, meeting his wife's eyes. "She seems to be telling the truth. I can't explain...." He paused, "There was so much pain in her voice."

"Nasreen, she was.... begging."

"Abba you should go and meet her." After all the silence, Zoya finally stated. Ayaan eyes found hers and a silent conversation between them through their eyes.

Ahmed and so everyone turned towards Zoya.

"Despite all the things that she had done to you. To us. How can I let her enter our lives again, Beta?"

"I know that whatever she had done can't be forgiven or erased. But she's your only sister. And what if whatever she said is true? That she doesn't have time? We should go."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Abba."

With that everyone went towards their room, to get ready. Arzoo and all the elder second generation went to her room.

Everyone was curious about who this Gulnaz was. And what she had done that she can't be forgiven.

"Who exactly she is?" Dua was the first one to voice the question, while everyone's eyes stayed on Arzoo, who desperately wanted the answer.

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