Ky Kiske

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"Why must I make friends with the hated and make enemies of the respected...? ...It's times like these when I miss the days of the war. The days before I discovered the little space between good and evil"-Ky Kiske


True Name: Ky Kiske

Class: Saber/Caster

Type: Heroic Spirit

Source: Illyrian Legend(Made purely for this story)

Region: France

Alignment: Lawful Good

Hidden Attribute: Human

Armaments: Sword, Armor

Summoning Catalyst: Thunderseal, Magnolia Eclair II


First King

Useless Original

Thunder King


Boy Genius


Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue-Green

Eyes: Blue-Green

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Read the Guilty Gear wiki, it does a far better job of explaining then I ever could.

Master: Kiritsugu Emiya

War: Fourth Holy Grail War


Strength: A

Endurance: A

Agility: A+

Mana: A+

Luck: B


Class Skills

Magic Resistance: A- born into a time were magic was a major factor in all walks of life. Ky has developed ways to defend against all forms of offensive magic.

Riding: C

Personal Skills

Battle Continuation: B- Kill or be killed is the best way to describe Ky's training. He is capable of surviving multiple mortal blows without hampering his abilities.

Intuition: A- a prodigy in the ways of warfare. Ky is able to predict his opponents moves before they are capable of doing them.

Mana Burst: B- a powerful burst of magic that acts as both a defensive and offensive ability.

Independent Action: B- numerous times Ky has gone and done is own thing, disregarding his superiors and the public opinion.

Thunder King: Ex- The collection of all of Ky's experiences and skills. Greatly decreases the mana cost of Ky's Noble Phantasms,any of his magical technique and sustaining his physical form. Grants him unparalleled charisma and mastery of lightning.

Noble Phantasms

Outrage Piece: Thunderseal (Anti-Unit A)- The Thunderseal is a gear slaying weapon and was Ky's main weapon throughout is life. Enhancing lighting magic along with dealing increased damage to Beast Class Servants and monsters, the Thundersral greatly increases Ky's combat abilities.

Rising force(Anti-Unit B++)

Ky creates small lightning energy in the form of a sphere on the tip of his sword. The sphere becomes a mighty torpedo of energy, with which Ky stabs the victim fatally.

Ky will begin chanting "They are modest to greed, generous to the truth of the world. When the heart is peaceful the seven seas cry. Rising Force!". He then materiaizes his Grinders and dashes through them, stabbing his opponent with incredible speed and a lightning-enhanced thrust of his sword.

Zwei Voltage(Anti-Army B+)

Ky uses his sword to slash his opponent horizontally and then vertically, forming a highly decorated cross made from lighting where the opponent is positioned. The cross then spans more crosses horizontally and vertically as lighting orbs form around the area, knocking the enemy down.

Dragon Install(Anti-Unit(Self) A++)

Letting out a hidden power, Ky will undergo a physical transformation. The left half of his face turns black, his left eye changing colors (the iris becomes red and the sclera, jet black), and locks of hair turning neon-blue; a similarly-colored, scar-like mark travels down his left cheek. Ky's left arm turns dark blue entirely with his nails sharpening into claws, as well as a strange neon-blue marking akin to Justice's Gear emblem manifesting on the back of his hand; it constantly emits a dark aura, which during activation takes the shape of a wing. Ky gains a massive increase in power, all of his physical, magical and his speed are all increased tenfold.

Authors Notes: Expect slow updates, I'm a dumbass and decided to start three books.

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