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"Arzoo, I was thinking of having a pet

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"Arzoo, I was thinking of having a pet."

"That's a pretty good idea." Arzoo smiled, "I always wanted to have one."

"So what we are having as a pet?"

"I already thought of one. I have a picture. Do you want to see it?"

"Yeah, sure." Arzoo scooted closer to him on the bed only to let out a horrified scream.

"SAQIB!!!!!" She yells as she hit him on the chest. "WE ARE NOT HAVING THAT AS A PET!!!"

"Why?" Asks Saqib innocently.

"That's a lizard."

"No, that's not. It's a Crocodile."

"Exactly!!!! The bigger vision of lizard."

"People usually pet cats and dogs. And you want to pet a CROCODILE!! What the hell is wrong with you Saqib?" Arzoo states agitated as she stood up on the bed with her hands on her hip and she glares at him hard.

"He's so cute----"

"How do you know that crocodile is a he?" Arzoo cut him off, irritated.

"I asked his previous owner."

"From which angle, he seems cute to you?" Arzoo again cut him off, pointing towards his mobile.

"From every angle, Arzoo" Saqib states zooming the picture and forwarding it to her direction, making her shiver in disgust as goosebumps arise on her skin. "Just look at his baby-like face."

A disbelief laugh escapes her. "That baby-like face could swallow us any time, Saqib." She argued.

"No, he won't. He is a trained one. Pure vegetarian."

Arzoo whines loudly and jumps on the bed irritated.

"Is it because of yesterday? Then I am sorry, Saqib. From the bottom of my heart. I didn't want to hurt your sentiments."

"Why would you think like that?" Another innocent look appears on his face.

"Itna Masoom Chehra Banane Ki Zarurat Nahi Hai, Saqib. I have known you my whole life. And I know you are doing it on purpose." She said as she step down on the bed.

A mischievous look over cross his features.

"You are right. I am doing it on purpose."

"Badi Hasi Aare Thi Na Tumhe Kal." Saqib states, standing up and walking towards her, making her take a step back. "You had your fun yesterday, and so should I."

A chill runs down her spine, and her stomach turns, as she saw the mischievous glint in his eyes.

"It was quite funny," Arzoo said with a warning. "You better stop whatever you are thinking or else."

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